Mobilicity to release the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10!


  • Ono


  • Overkill

    That’s a good alternative while the nexus one is sold out

  • Zeake

    Wow this week has been

  • Richard

    yawn, desire z or hd please

  • TomatoGuy

    Releasing a phone with Android 2.1 right now is a bad idea. Especially when 2.3 is just a few weeks away. Now how about offering Nexus S instead? That would be a news.

    • Ger

      @TomatoGuy The people reading this site are mostly mobile enthusiasts who love their cutting edge devices. However, the average consumer either has no idea or doesn’t care that a phone like the X10 is running 2.1. There are many satisfied Rogers X10 users (which only runs 1.6), just as there are still people satisfied with their RAZRs.

    • ToniCipriani


      While your statement may be true, but to a certain extent. Some average users WILL start to complain if all of a sudden their friends with the newer Androids shows them the “cool features”, e.g. Flash, then they will be whining “why can’t mine do it”.

      Nonetheless the X10 is still a welcome addition to their lineup despite the software is marginally lacking.

  • EJ

    I was skeptical when mob said they would cater more towards the high end users… and then they got the nexus one and now they get one of Rogers’ once flagship androids? I know when I’m wrong.

  • gord

    mean while still same phones nothing new i wanted to change to them cause of there plans when you go to there stores they dont now anything

  • JAWG

    Great phone…improve the network/coverage to use it.

    • dominoes20

      I’ve had the xperia x10i UK version for a couple of months now first with wind now mobilicity… my speeds are great, my calls are MUCH better… (in Mississauga my phone works in elevators) customer service is awesome and I’m paying $42 for unlimited everything incl. data. I’m rooted and use barnacle to create a hotspot and said bye bye to my ISP.
      So the money I’m saving on my ISP pays for my whole plan.
      C’mon now… let’s be fair. In a very short time Mobilicity is changing the face of canadian carriers… and lQQk at the phones they’re offering… Have u seen Winds high end devices or Chatrs for that matter?
      BTW I hate the big 3 and would never go back!

  • steven schwartz

    and i checked the site the nexus one is back in stock

  • Ronak

    how bout they just stop with the SE nonesense, which is bound to be a FAIL, and work on gettin the Nexus One back in stock. come on Mobilicity, step u gotta step up ur game if u wanna roll with the big dogs.

  • Nico

    The Motorola Spice is not the only sub $200 name brand Android. Not if the pricing is right on the LG Optimus One that Telus is launching. It’s said to be $199 No Contract…

  • user

    Are we travelling back in time !?

    • LOL

      When was the last time you get unlimited local calling for $25?

  • Mo Sh

    Wow great, I thought x10 was exclusive on Robbers? Good this is bringing more pain to them.

  • Regulator

    This is a good phone for Mobilicity

  • R Greg

    Honestly I used to rip on the X10 I own, but since the 2.1 update and all the work in the dev community being done now it’s given it much needed new life. Multi-touch is coming in Q1 now too, straight from SE. If you’re an avid Android user you can root and customize it until you’re satisfied and if you’re an average consumer this is a great Android phone with just the stock SE software.

    Great to see Mobilicity adding more high end phones, too bad they’re not in south western Ontario yet!

  • ECBomb

    Anybody know if Rogers’ X10a will be able to be used on Mobilicity? I’d hate to fork out an extra $500 just to switch to them…

    • dominoes20

      @ECBomb sorry Bomb… definitely not but you can get approx. $300 for it selling it on Kijiji… so you’ll only fork out another $200 and if your bills were anything like mine you’ll make that back up in no time…

  • Moe Arkanhine

    GOOD Job Moblicity, they’ve been ON FIREEEE the past few months.

  • Koi

    Hey dominoes20! how did you root your X10? the 1-click isn’t supported and ANDROOT isn’t available in the Android Market..?!