iPhone App of the Day: “Days of Thunder”

days-of-thumberI’m a big fan of car racing and my dream car is a Bugatti Veyron (currently on sale at eBay for $1.65 million USD). Until that day comes I have to resort to playing games on the iPhone.

An app that was recently added by Freeverse is “Days of Thunder”. This is a classic racing game that brings back memories from the old arcade days. You can have the opportunity to play the not-so-insane Tom Cruise as Cole Trickle. To play the game you start off at the Amateur level and race against 7 others – the other levels are Qualifying, Semi-Pro, Pro, Superstar, and Endurance. As you win races you increase your rank.

On the race track you use the iPhone’s accelerometer to increase your speed your way and hopefully win the Days of Thunder Cup. Some features allow you to “Drop the Hammer” and get a burst of speed and invincibility.

You can buy this through the AppStore for $2.99 here. But check out this video for a preview: