Fido “UNO” make unlimited local calls coming April 2nd

Fido is looking to launch a new service that will allow you to make unlimited local calls through a wireless connection. Though a Howard Forums member we were informed of details:

There will be a soft launch of the service on April 2nd and a fully available for consumers across Canada on May 6th. You must have a Fido UNO enabled handset – either the Nokia 6301 (launching April 2) or Motorola Z6W (launching end of May).

Fido UNO Options & Pricing:
– $15 for unlimited local calling from home
– $20 for unlimited local and Canadian long-distance calling from home

When making long-distance or international calls from home with the Fido UNO service, customers subscribing to the $15 option will be charged as per usual Fido rates.

– $20 option subscribers will benefit from reduced long-distance rates
– $0.10/per minute for US long distance calls (billed by the second, 30 second minimum)
– Up to 70% off on International long-distance (same rates as with the $4 International long-distance calls options)

Couples Accounts
– One Fido Uno option can be added for each subscriber in the account, up to a maximum of 5 subscribers.
– Each secondary Fido UNO subscriber will receive a $5 monthly credit on their invoice for as long as they keep the Fido UNO option, regardless to which 2 options they subscribe to.
– All subscribers in the account need to subscribe to the same Fido UNO option (no mix and match)

Fido “UNO” make unlimited local calls through a wireless connection