Telus’ Koodo Mobile discount carrier stats increase…

Telus Koodo Mobile - MobileSyrup.com

We rarely make predictions on any wireless news in Canada – such as when the iPhone will be here, however on reviewing our stats over the weekend we noticed a dramatic lift in searches for the discount wireless company for Telus called “Koodo Mobile”.

From our previous post in December, the statistics have increased from 1 or 2 every couple days to 41 in a day late last week. At MobileSyrup.com we are predicting an accouncement within the month about the launch of this new product available to Canadians.

There has been some rumors that Koodo Mobile will be sold beside Telus Mobility products & services and directly compete with Bell’s Solo Mobile, Roger’s Fido and Virgin Mobile. In addition, the speculation in the marketplace about the tagline being used: “Good Call”.

More to follow…