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Android’s lead grows to 79% of all smartphones shipped in 2013

Android is still surging, growing to 79% of all shipped smartphones in 2013, but the dominance of Google’s mobile ambitions is slowing. According to Canalys, Android grew from 68% of all smartphones shipped in 2012 to 79% in 2013, while iOS dropped 5%, from 20% to 15%, in the same period. Windows Phone increased to


Videotron, Rogers and TELUS launch the Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a “companion” device and is currently available in Canada across major big box retailers. In an interesting move, Quebec-based regional carrier Videotron has added this smartwatch to its lineup today. The price is the same at $329.95, but if you’re purchasing the Note 3, or anyone of the future compatible


52.1% of all active Android devices run Jelly Bean

According to Google’s monthly Android OS distribution chart — which tracks devices that actively visit Google Play Store — Jelly Bean (OS 4.1 to 4.3) now makes up for 52.1%of all devices, up from 48.6% last month. Every other OS dropped in usage, most notedly Gingerbread by 2.2% to run on 26.3% of Android device


Nearly half of all Android devices run Jelly Bean

It’s taken seemingly forever, but Jelly Bean is now on nearly 50% of active Android devices — 48.6% to be exact — as of October 2nd, 2013. The stats, which are released each month, indicate that Jelly Bean’s slow-and-steady march to the top has not exactly fixed Android’s fragmentation problem, but has allowed developers to


Android has 43% of the smartphone market share in Canada: comScore

Stats on Canadian wireless market share are hard to come by. The CRTC and the CWTA each publish reports, but third-party representation is always good. Research firm comScore has come out with some new figures, though they’re reporting from results obtained in June 2013. However, taking into account how quickly the market changes there might