HTC releases Android 4.0.4 ROM with Sense 3.6 for Incredible S users on its developer site


  • Sean

    Least they are giving customers the choice. They were even directing people to this who asked on their Facebook page instead of “nope it won’t be available”

  • 1+

    Good on HTC, they know that alot of android users are all about the updates and they’re delivering.

  • Brad F

    So, to the average person who barely knows how to check their email and uses “the blue E to get on the internet”, this is a ridiculously convoluted way of getting an update that should’ve been pushed as a carrier update all along.

    Anyone geeky enough to know how to do this has probably installed a custom ROM on the phone and is up to Jelly Bean already.

    • Scott

      True, but at least they are trying. Compare this to (for example) Motorola who are just shutting the door altogether on updating their older devices.

    • 45

      And there’s a whole world of people in between that that will benefit from the upgrade.

      Very cool of HTC to do this. I wish more companies did.

    • Full Mountain

      This is far easier than rooting and installing a ROM once you have HTC Sync installed it takes 15 mins to be back up an running

    • Bill

      Does the average user really care about this upgrade? I can figure out how to do this but I had no interest in rooting my phone and installing it some other way.

  • JP


  • Nickn

    Where is the 4.0.4 ROM for my HTC JetStream dear HTC!?!?

  • Eric

    Will this work on the Droid Incredible 2???

    • Bill

      I’d also like to know that. I don’t see any updates for the Incredible 2 on that site so maybe they only release them for the S and not the 2 since it is the same phone.

  • Len

    Just updated my phone. super easy!!! thanks HTC

    • BBK

      How is the performance please?

    • Bill

      Did you upgrade an S or a 2?

  • annie

    Does the RUU run on a Mac? Or is it PC only?

  • Jordan

    Why no thanks to Jordan? I sent you this a week ago! Anyway, too bad I can’t update becaus.e connector port is broken from the motherboard which will cost over $180.

  • Eric

    WILL THIS WORK ON THE INCREDIBLE 2??? HTC is avoiding my emails and tweets…

    • Full Mountain

      Try it out, it likely won’t let you go ahead without it being compatible

    • Eric

      I’d rather not be the first one to try it, ya know what I am saying?!?

  • Full Mountain

    Note the update to ICS is only available OTA for the Sensation not the Incredible S, you can check for updates on the Inc S but the update is not available

  • jason

    i did the update it was simple make sure u r on the htc sync setting when plugging it into computer and it will work np

    • BBK

      Could you tell us How is the performance please?

  • graham

    Did mine yesterday, and aside from my AudioGuru app not working as well (the ringer & notifications are linked for some reason in all audio apps) and trying to remember what sound I had for each notification, it’s freaking awesome.

    The best part is that all of the Bell bloatware can be uninstalled! Goodbye, ZoomPass!

  • Mark

    Upgraded mine performance seems great.

  • Mark

    In response to BBK, here’s my assessment after upgrading to ICS using this method on my Incredible S, Virgin Mobile:

    -Performance is very good, if not better than with Gingerbread (might be due to starting with a fresh install though) However I do think many things do move much more smoothly than with Gingerbread. No noticeable lag or shuttering.
    -The updated Sense UI is a HUGE improvement over the previous one, I mean huge. Everything has more customization and more features. All of the stock apps like People and Mail and Messages are much better than they were before. I also find that this version fixes quite a few problems I was having before with various HTC apps.
    -Security features alone are a good reason to update. ICS allows you to encrypt all your settings as well as your SD card.
    -Comes with a built in task manager which is nice
    -Second best advantage: no pre-installed, carrier garbage apps as mentioned in a few posts above. This allows for way more room on your SD card and better performance.

    Upgrade process is really easy. Make sure HTC Synch is installed, put your phone on “HTC Synch” mode when plugged in and run the software. Takes about 10 minutes until you’re up and running.

    So far I’m very happy HTC released this. Consider this HTC Incredible S 2.0

  • Rob

    Just upgraded mine. Works like a charm! Very smooth process. Backed up my stuff – contacts, files, etc and within 30 min was back up and running with all my settings done! Seems to be quicker and smoother.

  • Jack

    Does this upgrade remove app data? I am worry about losing the game progress.
    How about the system app I current had? Will I lose those?
    Is there a way to backup the current gingerbread rom in case I don’t like ICS?
    Is a hard reset necessary?
    I would like to upgrade during the weekend but a little afraid to lose stuff or being regret.

    • Mark

      Hey Jack,

      1. Yes upgrading will remove all your existing apps and all associated data. The only way to backup that data is to root the phone. However, if you download MyBackupPro (the 30 day trial) it’ll backup some app data and will reinstall all of your apps for you. But yes your game progress will be lost unless you can back it up manually. Try plugging your phone in to your computer and exploring it as a “Disk Drive” you may be able to copy some of the app folders and save your progress. I didn’t lose any of my photos or MP3 after my upgrade since it doesn’t format the SD card.
      2. Depends on what you mean by system apps. You will lose any carrier programs that are pre-installed like ZoomPass and such. Other apps like Mirror, Flashlight, Teeter, Soundhouse, Gallery and such will be upgraded. However most of those other apps can be re-dowloaded if you really want them.
      3. You can’t backup the existing Ginerbread ROM. Once you upgrade it overwrites the previous one unless again, you root it and reinstall an old version.
      4. A hard reset is necessary yes, that’s how it upgrades.
      5. There are several apps on the market that allow you to back up your text messages (actually MyBackupPro does absolutely everything so you’re good to go with that one)

      I’m really glad I upgraded since I find the phone has much better performance and the new features are nice to have.

      Danialnab: I’d be surprised if JB is released for the Incredible S. I have a feeling this is the last update we’ll get.

  • Danialnab

    do u think that htc will release update JB for incs?

  • aikaung35

    htc root

  • Graham

    Well, not sure if it’s just me, but I’m experiencing a ton a lag lately with the upgrade. Maybe it’s SwiftKey, but it doesn’t keep up with my typing, programs take much longer to load, games are randomly choppy… Makes me want to get a faster phone with the same UI.

  • tipoo2

    Looks like they don’t keep old ROM downloads on that page anymore, for anyone who might still be interested. Is there a mirror anywhere?