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New TELUS cancellation policy for those who “activated or renewed on or after November 21st”

With the new upgrade program at TELUS also comes a new cancellation policy. According to the internal doc we’ve received it states that this new policy applies to “clients that activated or renewed on or after November 21, 2010. The policy will be slightly different in Quebec than it is in other provinces.” The details of this new policy is based on 3 areas: The amount of your original hardware discount; The number of months remaining in your contract and an “admin fee” of $50 (doesn’t apply in Quebec).

Customers who activated before November 21st will still need to pay $20 x the months remaining on your contract. But for those who sign up on November 21st or later TELUS states that “The closer the client is to the end of their term, the lower the fee”.

Here’s the examples of how the policy works:

Example (non-Quebec):
At activation, a client received a $400 discount on a 36 month service term. After 20 months their cancellation fee will be:
Monthly pro-rated discount = $400 / 36 months = $11.11
Remaining discount = $400 – ($11.11 x 20 months) = $177.76
Cancellation fee = $177.76 + $50 Admin fee = $227.76

Example (Quebec):
At activation, a client received $400 discount on a 36 month term. After 20 months their cancellation fee will be:
Monthly pro-rated discount = $400 / 36 months = $11.11
Remaining discount = $400 – ($11.11 x 20 months) = $177.76
Cancellation fee = $177.76 (no Admin fee)

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Clement: Targeting to auction 700MHz spectrum “by late 2012″

Industry Minister Tony Clement was speaking at the International Institute of Communications conference in Ottawa today and announced that he will be launch consultations about the 700-megahertz and 2500-MHz spectrum should be sold. Clement stated that “Shortly, I will be launching consultations on the 700- megahertz spectrum, with a view to auctioning this spectrum by late 2012… Another round of consultations on the 2500-MHz spectrum will begin in early 2011…We will consider foreign investment rules and decisions around the 700 MHz auction together. How spectrum is allocated and who is eligible to compete for it — and pay for it — are interrelated issues.”

In Canada we have over 23 million wireless subscriber and 95% of the market share s from the Big 3 carriers (Rogers, Bell and TELUS). You might remember the Spectrum Auction in 2008 – this generated well over $4 billion and brought on new entrants Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile.

Source: Bloomberg


TELUS intros new upgrade structure with the “Early Device Upgrade Fee” (EDUF)

TELUS has introduced a new upgrade initiative today that’s part of their Clear and Simple Device Upgrade program and could see you getting a device earlier than expected. In the doc that we were sent it allows certain customers to “upgrade your device before the end of your term, simply pay the Early Device Upgrade fee and get a new device at full discount. This fee is calculated based on the discount you originally received when your contract began, plus the number of months remaining on your contract. The longer you wait, the lower your fee!”

Here’s how it works. Depending on what device you have and how many months you have left on your contract will determine the cost to upgrade early. The doc gives this example and price structure:

Feature phone/Smartphone – with no min. data commitment (i.e. Elevate, Banter) …. Early Device Upgrade Fee (EDUF) is $5 x number of months remaining in contract

Smartphone – with minimum data commitment (i.e. Bold, Desire) …. Early Device Upgrade Fee (EDUF) is $10 x number of months remaining in contract

Premium Device (i.e. iPhone) …. Early Device Upgrade Fee (EDUF) is $15 x number of months remaining in contract

Tina has a BlackBerry Pearl and wants to upgrade to a 16GB iPhone 4. She has 12.4 months left on contract. What does Tina pay to upgrade?

Early Device Upgrade Fee (paid on next bill):
13 months (12.4 rounded up to 13) x $10 = $130
New Device cost: Apple iPhone 16GB 3 year price: $159
Tina pays $289

There are exceptions to those who are eligible for this. Business and Corporate Bans are not included in this. Clients within the first 6 months of their contract and Credit Limit Protection (CLP) clients are not eligible. Reading over the doc there are also some opportunities for customers to get the EDUF waived but it’s based on how much you spend a month and the time left you have on your contract.

We posted this yesterday in the Forum and you the link we were given is not yet live, but the program kicked off today. More here in the Forum

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$599.99 “Fortunatus” app basically puts an image of a diamond on your BlackBerry

What would you pay to have an image of a diamond appear on the screen of your BlackBerry? Nothing? A buck or two? How about an enormous $599.99 (USD)!! That’s right, the “Fortunatus” app by Sander Staal has made it into the BlackBerry App world. These are the same people that have created the “Death Calculator”.

As for the “Fortunatus” app, it’s described as “Do you have a lot of money?? Than Fortunatus is something for you! When you start Fortunatus you will see a picture of a beautiful diamond. You can show this diamond to your friends to show you are rich. It is also possible to chat with your fellow wealthy colleagues whom also bought the program. The chat function shows real-time how many other wealthy people are using the chat function at that moment. Look at the screenshots to see exactly what it does, and remember, what you see on the screenshots is what you get, nothing more.”

Just an image ties in with other rich people who are BBMing each other. If this version is too much for you to dish out then you’ll be happy to know that there is a “rough” version of this app available for only $19.99 (USD) – it’s called “Rough Fortunatus” and “is the cheap version of Fortunatus. It gives you the possibility to show your friends the rough diamond”.

Bizarre. Check it out here at the BlackBerry App World
Source: BerryReview


Public Mobile heavily discounts handsets, offers free month

Isn’t is crazy what some of the prices of the handsets and price plans are going for. Some carriers have continually dropped their costs over the past few months and now Public Mobile has come out with another offer. Starting today until December 5th you can score yourself a month of free service (on either the $24 or $40 plan) when you buy one of these hugely discounted devices:

$30 Kyocera Tomo (was $110)
$50 ZTE C70 (price stays the same)
$50 Samsung R310 (was $125)
$50 Kyocera G02GO (was $140)

Crikey. Low prices all around.
More here at Public Mobile

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Apple iOS 4.2 available for download today

Apple has announced that iOS 4.2 will be available today (supposed to be around 10:00am) – bringing majority of the upgrades are for the iPad but brings new features to the iPhone too. Apple stated in the release that “OS 4.2 brings over 100 new features from iOS 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 to iPad including Multitasking, Folders, Unified Inbox, Game Center, AirPlay and AirPrint.”

Another addition is the “Find My iPhone”. This is free app that can be downloaded in the App Store and helps you locate your missing device, remotely lock and wipe data. “Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — the MobileMe feature that helps you locate your missing device and protect its data — is now free on any iPhone 4, iPad, or fourth-generation iPod touch running iOS 4.2.3 Once you set it up, you can find your lost device on a map, display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, and initiate a remote wipe to delete your data. And if you eventually find your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can restore everything from your last backup.”

Check out full press release here at Apple


WIND investor Sawiris: “Whenever they break the rules, sue them”

Last Friday news dropped that the Competition Bureau found “misleading advertising of Rogers’ Chatr” brand for them stating they have fewer dropped calls than the new wireless carriers. This was good news for new entrants Mobilicity and Wind Mobile as it showed their networks to be on par and could see Rogers paying “an administrative monetary penalty of $10 million dollars”.

The new entrants bounced on this news and Tony Lacavera, Chairman of WIND Mobile said “As longstanding champions of wireless choice for Canadians, we are very pleased that the Competition Bureau has come to this conclusion and we applaud its decision to stand up for Canadian consumers and their right to accurate information”. Mobilicity President & CEO Dave Dobbin stated “We commend the Competition Bureau for taking action on the complaints… it seems that the government of Canada, the governments of Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba, and about 31 million Canadians are fed up with the Big 3.” Then late Friday Rogers SVP of Regulatory Affairs, Ken Engelhart was quoted saying “We have extensive, independent third party testing to validate our claims and we stand by our advertising. We will vigorously defend this action in court.”

Then Naguib Sawiris, chairman of Orascom Telecom and major investor of Wind Mobile, was speaking at the Egyptian Canadian Business Networking event in Montreal and had a few words to say about the findings of the Competition Bureau. Sawiris stated that “Whenever they break the rules, sue them. We showed the regulator that our networks are better… They made a big mistake. They thought I was like everyone else. They thought I was going to come here, lose my money and go home. We are very serious about the investment. If they think I am going home – I will not… We are supposed to co-locate with the incumbent players. They have ganged up against us… We still don’t share a single tower. I’m not surprised we’ve had a hard fight.”

This is a big deal and will go on for a few months. Before it was the Big 3 going against each other for who is the biggest, fastest and most reliable. The Government wanted to bring in more competition and now it seems that one of the areas of focus is to slowly reduce/erode the new carriers footprint. Wooing customers to sign up with low handset price, cheap monthly price plans and now advertising that directs them to trust a specific brand over another. There is no word on how many subscribers Mobilicity or Public Mobile has. Wind Mobile recently announced they have signed up over 140,000 subscribers… but at this stage of the game even losing one subscriber is way too much.

Source: Cartt


webOS 2.0 coming to the Bell Palm Pre

For those Bell customers who have themselves the original Palm Pre you will eventually be getting an upgrade to the new webOS 2.0 within the coming months. This news was announced late last week by Josh Marinacci, Engineer, Developer Relations, HP at the webOS Developer Day in NYC. WebOS 2.0 has new features such as “True Multitasking”, Just Type, HP Synergy, Exhibition and support for Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 Beta

It’s also known that the next generation of the Pre – the HP Palm Pre 2 will be released soon by Rogers.

Source: Palm Canada
Via: PreCentral


TELUS BlackBerry Style dummy devices arrive, launch imminent

The upcoming TELUS BlackBerry “Style” 9670 dummy devices have started to arrive at retail locations across Canada… so the launch is coming up soon. No confirmed date from TELUS but Bell is releasing this on November 23rd. As for pricing we’ve been informed it’ll come in at the outright price of $399.99. Specs of this debatable stylish new CDMA flip phone from RIM have it with the new BlackBerry 6 OS, a full QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash, trackpad, microUSB port, Bluetooth and WiFi.

More soon!
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