Bell to release the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on January 11th

Ian Hardy

January 3, 2013 3:34pm

You’re reading this correctly.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 was officially introduced back in May of 2012, subsequently released on various Canadian carriers (Koodo, Virgin, SaskTel, TELUS, Wind, Mobilicity) and now it looks like Bell will be hopping on board for one last iconic QWERTY launch. The 9320 has the dedicated BBM button, a full physical QWERTY keyboard, runs OS 7.1, 2.44-inch display and a 3.2MP camera. The no-term price is expected to come in at $199.95.

BlackBerry 10, RIM’s new mobile computing platform, and their two new smartphones will be unveiled on January 30th.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • Khav

    January 11th of what y– oh, just read the first line of the article. Carry on.

    • 8-down

      bell is trolling blackberry

    • Ronpaul


    • Tyco

      Is this bb 10?

    • gnote

      Tyco: This is totally BB10. Go get some! :p

    • Tyco

      Android makes my bum hurt 🙁

  • Sean

    Key Selling Points: Blackberry 7.1 OS …. that is such a killer feature it’s not like there are new blackberry devices coming out this month

  • anon

    This makes sense since there probably isn’t a low end BB10 device coming out on the 30th

  • Blackberry Gangster

    Yeah SWEET! I’m gonna get one on a 3yr contract with bell!! CAN”T WAIT

    • Slappy

      I really hope you’re joking. Bell is the last choice for and product or service, horrendous customer service.

  • 45


  • MrHomz

    Gotta blow out their old stock now and have a VERY entry level phone for people that don’t need a lot of toys I suppose.

  • Terry


  • jess

    Funny, koodo just EOLed (end of lifed) this phone today, so bells picking up their sloppy seconds..

  • Hilman

    1998 called and it wants its phone back lol.

  • Ipse

    Always wanted a time machine…now Bell offers one. This phone comes from an era when RIM was still alive.

  • Betty

    when can i preorder, this is exciting

  • Nonongski

    This phone is already out in the market before. Mobilicity has it. Wind has it. Now Bell?

  • phreezerburn

    …and is junk as compared to every other sub $200 phone on the market. If they wanted to release an older phone then the Nokia N8 would have been the superior choice. More people than ever are into taking a chance with a phone OS they are not familiar with.

    • StephenBB81

      I’m shopping for a phone for my 11 year old niece. and The Nokias and Samsungs, and LG’s at the $200 pricepoint all require too much data for a 100MB/month dataplan which is the monthly pricepoint she’ll be sitting at.

      a Low cost BlackBerry that isn’t the 9300 which still sells at Rogers is a welcome addition, I’ve been looking at the 9360 but $300 for the device is a hair more than I want to spend on a 11 year old with the $25ish/month voice/data plan.