Virgin Mobile launching the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on June 4th, sports dedicated BBM button


  • 9320 = Unholy Machine

    Unleash this unholy machine! Unleash it!!

    • ThePriceIsRight

      Too late!
      At $150 you might as well pick up the Virgin HTC ONE V with Google 4 for $175

      The 9320 has to drop to $99 to be competitive in Canada.

    • ThePriceIsRight

      RIMM at $10.26
      The market has spoken!

  • Spikedlemon

    150 looks better than 300.

    Though I’d still pick a low end android

  • trolling187

    rim is gonna take over the world with this phone

  • Alex Perrier

    1. Is the price of the not-so-good 9000 (currently $150) going down due to the much-better 9320?
    2. Are other carriers getting this phone as well?
    3. When is there going to be a decent plan with unlimited text, unlimited social networking, caller ID, voicemail and lots of talk time for $40 or less from the Big 3?

  • Dave

    A dedicated BBM button! WOW! I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment!

    Well, not my whole life. A long time… well, minutes… okay, I admit it, I don’t care.

  • Atrix

    Whoa. This bad boy changes everything. Rim is back baby!

  • stevemcstave

    Oh… my… god… this is amazing! Screw other companies releasing awesome high technology with new operating systems! This has a dedicated bbm button! !

    Seriously rim? You are now just laughable.

  • J

    You can already program Blackberrys to do this:

    1. Open Options
    2. Open Device
    3. Open Convenience Keys
    4. Set Right or Left Convenience Key to Blackberry Messenger

    The lack of innovation is killing RIM. It pains me to see such a great company wither like this.

    • 2dfx

      You’re missing the point – it’s all about MARKETING. Sure you can repurpose the convenience key as a dedicated BBM button, but you can’t really market something like that. The point here it’s a CHEAP way to leverage a key feature of the platform. When is the last time you saw a “in-market” Blackberry selling for less than $350?

      Marketing proves effective – just look at the iSheep.

  • bikequeen99

    I don’t see why rim didn’t come out with a top spec phone using Android on a nice big touch screen that incorporates bbm and other defining features to differenciate from competition. I would buy one. But no. They had to spend two years creating their own os (bb10) which I believe doesn’t even exist (hence no release date). My mind can’t grasp how a company can destroy themselves like this. Then to keep releasing the same garbage that caused their demise is unfathomable.

  • Mike

    Wow this is the most exciting news I’ve heard all day.

  • Susan Wong

    Where can iLine up to get this phone?

  • Matt

    At $150 the 9320 look mighty attractive. I may just pick one up to hold me over until BB10.

  • Roger

    The phone is 0$ on any Supertab or 3year with any rate plan. Plus they’re giving away 100MB of free data for 3 months on a 25$ talk and text plan.

    Great for teenagers.

  • GeeEl

    Can I unlock this phone and use on Fido/Rogers? It’ll be a nice upgrade from an old curve.

  • trev

    Bb phones are productive for busy people, hence you don’t see too many good comments about bb.

  • Nathen

    Big Yaaawwwn. !

    BB is done. Put a Steak Knife in them.