RIM makes BlackBerry Curve 9320 officially official


  • Richard

    Aaaand RIM’s stock just dropped a bit lower….


      FA*CT: The keyboard on this outdated POS plastic garbage is bigger than the screen.

      Disclaimer: Please note that the keyboard encompasses the entire area below the screen, including the softkeys as per wireless industry ruling 23 c) Section 5.9.

    • Suranuparthusabethneh Jenkins

      Is this BB 10?

    • Bongo


    • BBRocks

      This is a TOTALLY new device unlike the 9700 from November 2009, the 9320 has:
      512 MB Ram instead of 512
      1450mAh instead of 1500
      20grams lighter, runs OS7
      AND A dedicated BBM Button!!!
      That’s Research in Motion!

      So as you can see its a NEW device: Expect it at $250 or $300 at TELUS

    • hoo dat

      LMAO!! Now you’re precluding!!

      Once again; LMAO!!

    • Jim Shorts

      What’s wrong with all of you!?! I use BB for work and an iPhone/Android tablet for personal.

      For those that want to mostly text/bbm and talk, BB is a great phone. Light, small, practical, excellent keyboard, good signal strength, good battery life, FM radio. This is what a good phone is all about.

      If you want a phablet, then go with the other touch screen devices. Not everyone wants a phablet.

      Tough crowd.


    Just when all you naysayers thought and preached that RIM was all but a lifeless, decomposing corpse….they come out of nowhere like a drop of bird sh*t hitting you in the face and they REVOLUTIONIZE the industry by making the BlackBerry Curve 9320 OFFICIAL.

    This device was as secretive and sought after as Area 51 in Nevada and now it is here!!!!

    This phone has Apple and Android breaking out in sweat as they realize they CANNOT compete.

    GO RIM GO!!!

    GO CANADA GO!! (RIM is Canadian!)

  • Atrix

    Why can’t I vote on comments anymore?

    • SOMAD


  • Dong Patrol

    Why are they still in bussiness?

    Cant wait for them to go bankrupt and GTFO of here and die.

    • RC

      Why would you ever want that?

      If BB fails then it looks bad on Canada. Are you an apple fanboy and only want Apple making cell phones?

  • Greg

    Leading the way with an astonishing 2.44-inch screen and a mind blowing 320×240 resolution… I’d still take it over the iPhone… Stupid Apple!!

  • Unr8ted

    My curve 8520 died this weekend and I change it for an XPERIA Pro and for now I am really happy that my Curve didn’t work anymore.

  • Fenrir767

    If those phone is worth anything more than 150$ then it won’t sell. Also I don’t think any Canadian companies want to commit to it till they finally clear stock of their old 9300’s which are all still kicking around

  • BB10

    Where are the voting options for comments?

  • Mark

    “So, are you excited for another non-touch BlackBerry 7 device?”

    Despite what many on here may think, there are people who don’t want/ need a touch screen device and want something with a large keyboard. Just because most of those people commenting on this site won’t buy it, doesn’t mean that others won’t. Clearly RIM is not putting all their eggs in one basket and catering to more than just the techno-savvy consumer.

  • Malevolent

    Why do they keep making more devices? They need to just make 3 or 4 handsets and stick with it. They must waste a ton of R&D money doing all of these subpar phones. Focus RIM!

  • Zeus

    Will me carrier be selling this? I would like to trade up to this device from my iPhone 4S 64GB device. Anyone?

  • kman

    Releasing 7.1 devices at this point is a waste of time. The farm has been bet on OS 10. Nothing else matters now. Why is RIM putting resources into crap like this?

  • Hasish

    No one will comment when that happens I come here for the comments not the shirty articles

  • kevinc

    Can’t wait for the login system. It should drastically improve the signal-to-noise ratio around here.

  • BBRocks

    This is a TOTALLY new device unlike the 9360 from August 2011, the 9320 has:
    Worse Screen
    3Mp instead of 5Mp for the 9360
    Better Battery 1450 instad of 1000 mAh
    AND A dedicated BBM Button!!!
    That’s Research in Motion!

    So as you can see its a NEW device: Expect it at $250 or $300 at TELUS.
    This patches the mistake of the small battery in the 9360, Expect another version in the summer with Better camera, but smaller batery, and then in the fall a version with good battery but good screen with worse camera.. and then the Black, the white, the swaroski and the Porsche Editions…

    Why would you bother to release “new” device and spend $ in marketing advertising, etc etc when you can just lower the 9360 in price and keep on selling them and make bigger profit on an old hardware.

  • BBRocks

    Why do they keep on releasing
    “new” hardware that is suposed to be obsolete once BB10 comes in October??

  • iamkennypowers

    id rather have a entry blackberry than an entry level android any day haha. this phone will fly off the shelves guaranteed. not all parents wanna buy there kids a 700 dollar icrap and not every dumbell wants a touchscreen. look at nokias stock price and they aint going anywhere.

  • haxor99

    “So, are you excited for another non-touch BlackBerry 7 device?”


  • Rory

    Research in Slow Motion

  • CD

    RIMs naming/numbering convention for phones confuses the heck out of me.

  • Sickness

    Research in Motion Sickness

  • UM

    This needs to be less than 200$, it just should!

  • Spikedlemon

    I bet if they said that it was “Made in North America” that it would sell better here.

  • Robert

    It’s a very good, solid, rugged entry level phone, that actually works as a phone. It’s not some dainty, wafer thin pansy phone for the pretty boy set, so it doesn’t have an app to help you boys put your makeup on, sorry. If you want a reliable phone that you can throw in your jacket pocket without worry of it breaking, or scratching it pretty surface, then this is it. If you want a tough, practical phone that has excellent reception and doesn’t cost more than a laptop, then this is it.