BlackBerry Curve 9320 coming to Koodo Mobile


  • Alex Perrier

    Not surprised at all, although the price should simply be $150 outright.

    • RIM?


      PS: I had a Dr’s appt so I was late on this post.


      FFAYCT: The keyboard on this outdated, POS garbage is bigger than the screen!

      PS: Have a nice hot summer day everyone, but take care of yourselves and stay hydrated!

    • Gerhardt

      WOWOWOWOWOWOW. I felt like i got ripped off by Koodo. I just bought an iPhone 4s and NOW this phone comes out and I want it so badly! Dedicated BBM button?! Sweet! iPhone doesn’t have any buttons at all, it’s just a touch screen. I mean, who wants a touchscreen when you can have little plastic keys and a postage stamp sized screen!

    • MoneyPenny

      Virgin has it for $150, just as it has for the last three weeks.

      Still too expensive when the HTC one V is $175 if you ask me. It’s not a low price for what it is, its simply the BB with the lowest price at release….this reflect the reality of RIM and the desirability of BBs these day.
      the 9320 is what the 9300 should have been (bigger battery and 512MB RAM- how tough was that??)

      If they wanted to really sell them in numbers they should have priced it at $99, and stright to pre-paid. Why get a phone that won’t be upgrade it when you can get the One V for $175, or $25 more. Not to mention the re selling value?

    • MoneyPenny

      IT IS $150 at Virgin!

    • MoneyPenny

      What’s happening to Koodo??
      They were the ones that had the Nexus S for $300 last year; then they released the 9360 at a decent price ( bad phone though) now they are announcing their LTE network and release THE 9320 at $50 more than Virgin??
      The are getting “Telusified”

      We are at pre-release now, sow hopefully they release it at $150, not that I care though. Poor Koodo they are still selling the
      8530 at $150 (should be $59)
      9300 at $150 (should be $99)
      9360 at $300 (should be $199)
      9790 at $400 (should be $250)

  • Darren

    Damn, guess I’m too early. I was looking for the “RIM?” comment. It’s like Sideshow Bob stepping on the rakes in Cape Feare – not funny at first, then gets funnier through repetition. But seriously – who would buy this knowing full well that BB10 is ocming, WP8 is coming, iPhone 5 and some new Nexi are all due in the next 6 months?

    • robot-shmobot

      Not defending RIM, but honestly read what you just wrote. You’re comparing a handful of superphones to a low end Blackberry. The Curve is great for a first-time cellphone user who just needs talk/text and some social media.

      $200 outright for a simple phone, or $200 + 3yr contract for a superphone.. it’s all a matter of how you use your phone.

  • RIM?

    Look at this unholy beast of a technological innovation!

    RIM is back!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!

    This is amazing, I am trading in my Samsung Galaxy S3 for this massive machine! GO RIM GO!

  • RIMpireStrikesBACK

    This phone is just about sold out everywhere so im sure rim will have the last laugh

    • LMFAO Party Anthem

      You can’t laugh when you are dead, so they better laugh soon!

  • Dododo

    I sell these phones and I’ve sold more of this model than anything else since it’s release…people haven’t completely given up on BB

  • Jimmie Q.

    Bought it and returned it next day because of the screen. The worst screen I have ever seen. I think my older 8330 had a better one. The best thing about it is supposed to be the long life of the battery but the screen… it hurts your eyes, font with smoothing enabled etc messages are hard to read, low pixel density combined with a poor quality display. Not worth it. Something claimed as “latest” should be better …

  • mike

    LOL another cr@py Blackberry on Koodo lol.. who cares about bladckberry’s anymore their not considerd smartphones anymore in my opinion. Koodo needs to concentrate on releasing High end Androids then Koodo will have a real phone selection.