Samsung will market multiple Tizen-powered devices this year, but to what end?


  • lukeiphone

    Ahhhh…common we dont’t want another OS. We already two MOST reliable OSs – iOS and BB10 (Coming soon). Android being another one.

  • yup

    ugly and slow


      Good job Samsung they have phones support almost every thing except IOS because is garbage

  • mike

    If Samsung changes to a new OS and ditches Android. I’m sorry Samsung I would not be buying your devices any longer. I’m a gmhuge Android user. I prefer using the best OS which is Android. Samsung device together with Android is perfecfect.

  • Tom

    Wow, Maemo just won’t die.

    I had the first Maemo device – the Nokia 770 – and I thought it was great and I wish it didn’t Nokia so many years to finally create a phone with it (the N9).

  • Blas

    The Mobile OS war is pretty much over, just some people are yet to be informed.
    Mozilla, Ubuntu, Jolla, and now Tizen are trying to enter into a battlefield where the lines have already been drawn.
    As much as I’d like to see what they bring to the table, I doubt they’re have much clout against BB10, iOs, Android, and WP.

  • LW81

    It doesn’t matter what OS they use if they keep putting crapware in it. I hope Google continues the Nexus line forever.

  • jess

    why not. If it works they could make a killing, i like that samsung is not full andriod with some windows and this in the mix.

  • torontom

    pole position not poll position

    • in Calgary

      Wow – down votes.
      !@# My interwebs is filled with illiterates.

  • len

    I can see Samsung being the next apple.
    They are trying real hard to have your entire household using their goods.

    I personally dont use Samasung goods, but I have to admit they make some quality stuff which are very pretty.

    I can see them becoming like amazon. Using the andriod OS while having their own marketplace and not really connected to google.

  • KimJong-iil

    ubuntu !!!

  • Petra

    After the roaring juggernaut of fail that was Bada, you’d think Samsung would have learned their lesson.

  • ernest


  • bhupendra raut

    o its really so good and want to take it