BlackBerry Curve 9320 now available at Mobilicity


  • cody

    That sharp close up image kinda makes me desire the Black Berry. LOL JK.
    You can probably tell I’m not a fan, but I can’t wait for Blackberry 10, I’d actually love to see RIM turn things around. Just hope it’s not too late and they don’t disappoint.

    • 8530

      Why didn’t they replace the 8530 and amazing BB (from December 2009) with this?

      the 9320 is the 8530 with no Music keys (I miss them)
      512 instead of 256 RAM;
      3MP camera with LED (No autofocus) vs 2MP
      and 1450mAh vs 1150mAh

      Instead they released the almost identical 9300 (FAIL)at $200 and the 9360 (double fail with the smallest BB battery ever) at $250. Now they release a proper/decent entry level Curve in June 2012. At $150 I find it $50 overpriced under the circumstances, but still this is the best Curve in the last 3 yrs.

      They should have done this a couple of years ago, I think now its too little too late.

  • Fart Breath

    That BBM button looks like a hemrroid sticking out there.

  • Tom

    So $50 more than Virgin?

    • 8530

      “while supplies last.”

      “It’ll jump up in cost to $199.99 once stock depletes”

      $150 will be the official price. How can operators carry the other BBs starting at $300 is beyond me. Why is the 9300 not selling for $79-99 on prepaid now?

      Why would anybody buy now a 9900 at $499 (not a joke) when you can buy 3 of these??

  • Rim is Fail

    There is no hope. Rim is deader than a zombie. Anyone who supports rim is on their payroll. The USA killed rim to promote their own company: Apple. Rim should break up and sell its parts. I hope we never hear about rim again.

    • sicsicpuppy

      They sad the same thing about Apple in 1997 .

    • Alex Perrier

      Apple had Steve Jobs, who turned Apple around and brought it to the company that it is today. Will there be a Canadian person like Steve Jobs, turning RIM around 180°?

    • 8530

      Apple had products that sell and Steve Jobs.

      RIM has products that don’t sell and Mike Lazaridis in the Board of Directors telling Heins what to do.

    • hoo dat

      And RIM is Fail said EXACTLY the same thing yesterday. Nice Copy and paste there, RIF! Any chance of an original though from you at some point?

  • Alex Perrier

    The $150 price is live at Mobilicity, and it looks like a regular price rather than a sale price. i can’t see Mobilicity raising the 9320’s price, anyway. They will need the low price to attract any sort of customers.

    But strangely enough, Mobilicity (and other carriers too) are still selling the older 9300 for the same price or more than the 9320. Why not just clear out the 9300 to $50 so that people stop buying BBs without BB 7 or 10 afterwards?

    People should also keep in mind all the limitations with Mobilicity, like not getting an official unlock code and quite limited coverage. Monthly plans are super cheap fpr those in Mobilicity zones. That’s about it. This should mean that WIND and Vidéotron are getting the AWS 9320 too.

  • Pablo Moses

    RIM will survive and will be around forever!

    • ELNY

      That’s just wishful thinking…I guess the Mayans were somewhat right…Dec 2012 IS the end of humanity, if by humanity, they mean RIM. lol.

  • iamkennypowers

    smart move mobilicity. smart move.

  • aregularonhofo

    Two failing coming working togeter to dig their grave…EXCELLENT.

  • kristie

    bought this phone for my boyfriend last week and I must say the battery life on this thing is amazing! it lasted him 6 days before he needed to charge it. this phone is much better than my FAIL bb curve 9360 (i have to charge mine everyday thats why i never seen anyone else with a 9360 they are a joke!) 🙁 im kinda jealous of my guy’s phone LOL

  • Rogido

    Kristie, I’m kinda jealous of your guy. My gal never buys me a cellphone. 🙁 Hmm…could it be because I’ve already married her? 😉

  • gregi

    Walmart in New West, Surrey and Richmond (BC) all carry the BB 9320 with 2months PrePaid UNLIMITED Talk/Text/DATA(for the berry) for 178,99$

    For 178,99$ it’s a steal as you get to check out the Mobilicity service, whenever you like or not. I did that originally with their WagJag offer with the Motorola Spice for 99$ and 3months of UNLIMITED Service

  • Noon

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