TELUS releases the BlackBerry Curve 9320, prices it at $249.99 outright


  • Plan Shopper

    SERIOUSLY!!! $249??? Come on Telus. Even for you that’s a stretch.

    • BB10?

      Is this BB10?

    • Simpson

      Is this bb 10?
      crap, someone asked that already

    • Simpson


    • koodos2koodo

      Koodo has the 9320 for $150 with $50 Visa GCard
      or $99 Outright.
      Simmilar pricing can be gotten at Futureshop, BestBuy, WalMart and Presidents Choice-Mobyle Shop.

      $100 or $159 vs $250 is just too much.

      Telus has a “Nokia-RIM” sense of “They will come to me” but now that the devices are the same across different vendors, the only difference is price and TELUS will loose!

      By the way: WTF is that “Starting Device Balance”??
      That new pricing model only COMPLICATES THINGS!
      Its the same as no contract, month by month,of Rogers.
      Something like $50 less from the No Term price, but they are STILL TOO EXPENSIVE! how about just lowering their no term prices to the Starting Device Balance”??
      EPIC FAIL!

    • koodos2koodo

      (On the phone)
      -Hello, I need the price of a phone, can you help me?

      -Certainly! do you want the No term, Starting Device Balance, 3yr contract with a min $50 monthly bill, 3yr term with any plan, 2yr, one yr or pre-paid- price?

      -Wow tht’s too complicated for me!

      -In that case just check the easy pricing of Virgin or Koodo and add $70-200,that’s the Telus price!

      -Now we are talking!I’ll take the one koodo has for $150 less

      -Your Credit card number sir….?

  • TestMe

    In before the ‘Is it BB10?’

  • brrro

    Well, retail pricve is supposed to be $199, & Telus gladly admits that they sell their phones at the highest price point.

    Wind is finally getting this tomorrow, & they’re selling it for $199 outright.

    • hoo dat

      Retail price in Canada is $149.99 and so far the carriers have done a good job of sticking to it with only Mobilicity threatening to put it up to $199 at some point. I’m guessing they won’t.

  • Lil Wayne

    No one cares about this lol

  • Big Ang

    Ahhhh……Telus……. Why $250? …..Is it because you’re still basing everything on your 3year contracts? $0 with a 3year contract doesn’t make sense if the price off-contract is $150, so you raise the price to $250.

    Makes perfect sense.

  • robbers123

    what the eff is this sh1t

  • hoo dat

    WIND’s just about to launch this phone, if they go a penny over $150 they’ll be charging too much. What makes Telus think that they can get away with $250??

  • Scott

    (yawn) Ho hum, another obsolete Blackberry handset… tell me again why this is news?

  • Aria

    The sweetest comment on Mobilesyrup is “is this bb1o?” It always makes me laugh for its redundancy but it still stands out among all 😀

    the comments that i totally dislike are Apple Sales Guy’s :/ The comments always sound so ignorant :/

    Go Rim! 😀

  • Darren

    I used to love the “RIM?” comments for the same reason. Could be the same guy.

  • Justin

    Virgin price is $149, unlocking is only $15….. There is still left over savings for an sd card, case, car charger. A little on the high side for this phone TELUS

  • HighClass FrenchCricket

    If you want this phone go to walmart and look in the discount bins in the electronics section. It is being sold for $130+tax locked to virgin it is offered in both black and white. Do not pay telus $250+tax for this. Telus has achieved shame.

  • brad

    Erm, telus prepaid at WalMart is $150?

    • HighClass FrenchCricket

      telus is selling the 9300 for $150 on prepaid…virgin is selling the 9320 for $130 on prepaid

  • Jebus

    Why do people care so much on this phone’s price? I rather Telus charge more for this phone and less for something I actualy want.

    • Big Ang

      Ummm….. that’s not how retail works bro.

  • HighClass FrenchCricket

    Telus is good for charging less on refurbishes. Good prices on refurbished phones but thats all. Everything else is full price .