WIND releases the BlackBerry Curve 9320


  • Ron Mexico

    $199? Wind = fail, again

    • BB King

      Ron – No one cares about your opinion. Not me, not RIM, NO ONE!

    • hoo dat

      Come on BB King, this is a fail by WIND. This phone should be $149, just like it is pretty much everywhere else, and sold off tab. This is a good BTS phone but WIND’s only going to miss out once again due to their greed.

    • Rescobar

      OMG! I just bought this phone, loaded it, and it asked me to do a software upgrade. I rebooted and BOOM! My device loaded BB10!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kris

    lets just get this out of the way

    IS THIS BB10??

    • BB King

      Kris – BB10 will not be out until “Q1 2013”. You only make yourself look like an a*s when you ask such ignorant questions.

    • ron

      i downloaded BB10 from the android market for my nexus s.

      BBM works great

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    $200? Hmmm, I wanted to give wind a try, but I was hoping this would be around $150. What is better to use with Wind, Lumia 710 for $200 or 9320 for $200?? Can anyone give me a recommendation? Thanks

    • J

      I can recommend the Lumia 710. mid-level phone by all standards but does the job better than anything I’ve seen. It’s got some power, battery is pretty reliable for a day’s usage. The only knock I can give it is the Windows marketplace. It just seems to be lacking big name/high quality apps(bear in mind that I’m very hard to please when it comes to apps. WP,Android, and Apple)
      But for 200$, you are getting a very solid phone. As for BB 9320, I would say it’s a standard pricing model(better than Telus @ 249.99) but with other choices, it seems a little lackluster. If blackberry is what you are leaning towards, I would say wait for any BB10 device. It will be a major jump up from their previous stuff, 9320 included.
      The 710 has been updated, so had tethering/internet sharing included. Maybe only other point I can make is I’m not a huge fan of the camera interface. but it does the job.

    • Symbian FTW! Oh Wait…

      Your question will get so many different responses. On paper the Nokia Lumia 710 is the better device. I personally have both devices and can say the Lumia is much smoother and a joy to use. The only thing going for the BB9320 is the FM radio and BBM. Try out a demo for the Lumia and if you can get used to the onscreen keyboard go for it otherwise the BB might be the choice for you. Remember if you want apps the Windows Marketplace will have a few more intriguing apps for you.

    • Patients is a vertue

      If price isn’t an issue, just wait a little, rumour says that Wind is trying to get the Galaxy Note by end of September…

    • zak

      great switching to wind curve for 0 dollars awsome

  • BB King

    Go Lumia 710!

    Touch Screen
    Gorilla Glass
    5mp camera
    8gb internal storage
    720p video
    512mb internal memory

  • Tanya

    Looks like a perfect device for teenage girls. Outside of that particular demographic, however, it won’t sell too much at all.

    • OgtheDim

      Teenage girls do FM radio?

  • kingboo

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Is this……?

  • robellustrolljock

    I went to California and Rogers signal was so good
    that I picked up Rogers there and I could call locally in the GTA free from California.

    Also on my Rogers phone, I lost the charger but the phone still gave me 6 months standby and I spoke on the phone 5 hours everyday !

    • Nexzen

      This is an example of someone on a 3yr contract. After effects.

    • Rage

      These were the kind of customers that would pi$$ me off when I worked in retentions.

      “i didn’t know there was roaming in Zimbabwe!?! herp derp”

  • BBlol

    How long can you use this phone before a battery pull? My last BB was only about day which I thought was pretty good… I’m hoping for at least a day and a half. I looked at the specs but there was no mention of this.

  • BB still sells

    It seems like this phone is selling as it’s pretty much being released on most carriers… i’m assuming it’s popular with the back to school croud, especially high school students…

  • juneboy

    rip rim

    • vn33

      What an i***t !

  • OgtheDim

    Perfect for all the wind warriors with little hands! Aww you all so cute!

  • robellustrolljock

    I got tired of always getting my calls so I defected to wind! Now I am so glad no one can reach me! it is like I do not even have a phone at all!

  • ottowind

    hey! I love wind so much I want to be the next face of wind! Johnn can I have my dress back please!

  • 130hp

    This isn’t for everyone but I’m sure this will attract at least a few. I’ve been wanting to port to Wind for the $29 Unlimited plan but I was waiting for a BlackBerry that I could tab for $0 upfront. Looks like my time has come. TBH, unlimited talk/txt/data (especially BBM) for $29 is fantastic for me.

    • caribouroader

      Wait!!!! Don’t do it. Wind does not stand behind their products and their customer service should be renamed customer DISERVICE.

  • sam

    @caribouroader How is that any different then rogers, telus or bell?

    • OgtheDim

      Cause he gets his weekly cheque from one of those 3? 🙂

  • holler back girl

    “Wind releases” heheheheeh

  • robellustroll

    My Rogers blackberry has 60 hours talk time on
    One charge and I don’t get charged too much for going over my 100 daytime minutes

  • T1MB1T

    caribouroader you talking about the endless complaints on Facebook? All lies! ask dogthedim he will tell you! Wind is awesome!

    • Kitchenwasher

      Wind is the best I have been on wind for 5 year and it is the best! Even when I had no signal I used my ceefee and got 9 bars! but no one loves me because I am old and poop my pants. But I have wind signal in my retirement home!

  • Mike

    $199 for this piece of junk, ya right. This is only a basic phone not a real smartphone. This should be priced at $29.99 and listed as a basic talk and text phone. RIM leave the smartphone world for the big boys like Samsung.

    • zak

      yeah well u actully dont pay anything cause its on the wind tab so yeah

  • Kitchenwasher

    I have the answer!!! the ce fee ciwi unit I have fixes all the signal issues! it can take .345 bars and make 11!!! you I will sink my retardment savings into buying these! pm me on the hofo and I will sell you one!

  • jason4


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