Curve 9320 now available at SaskTel


  • sickpuppy

    Just in case .NO IT’S NOT BB10

    • no1 u no

      No u lie. It bb10

    • Arkspark

      RIM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark

      Heard they were now skipping BB10 and going directly to BB11!! 🙂

  • hoo dat

    I got this phone for my daughter a few weeks ago and I have to say that for the money it’s actually surprisingly good. I can’t think of another phone in its price range that’s as good for texting or emailing, of course it comes with BBM too which she loves. Add in an FM radio and hotspot capabilities and it really can’t be beat for $150 or more. Let the Fandroid flaming begin!

  • madeinmars

    Who still buys these garbage?

  • BB

    I think they have the right idea, the game plan is to have parents…buy decently priced phones for teenagers….or people who don’t need to be at the top of the smartphone chain!

  • Wahid

    This needs to arrive at Wind!

  • BBlol


  • n64_ali

    @hoo dat:
    I just replaced my Curve 3G 9300 with a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i)for $155 after tax and shipping (brand new, widely available online) and it blows this out of the water. ICS, full QWERTY, 1Ghz processor, very decent battery life (goes about the same as the Curve), and Sony still cares to release updates (though even if they didn’t, the dev community is already well on their way to getting Jelly bean on there.)

    Blackberries just ain’t what they used to be.

    • Porilaisten

      The Curve is the poor man’s Blackberry, everyone knows it.

      Crap CPU
      Crap RAM
      Crap Camera

    • BB

      i wouldn’t say it is the cheap mans blackberry, it is for a consumer that chooses to spend less on a phone and maybe more on other things. Lets not forget cell phones aren’t evereyones pride and joy. Some for business, some for fun, and some to kill their time, others just to place calls to family or emergencies.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    the 9360 curve should be $150 and rim should never wasted its time or resources of this. Talk about redundancy, wasnt the 9360 supposed to be the budget berry? Now they release another with even worse specs…mind blown!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    this is desiged for the shelves of walmart on the prepay. so much for blackberry being a status brand… ouch…how the mighty have fallen

  • Patrick El Martinez

    R.I.P. RIM

  • Rick whitley

    Just bought this phone and a playbook to test BlackBerry bridge. $150 for the phone, $150 for the playbook (open box at futureshop), and it’s a pretty awesome combo.

    The phone is mediocre but not horrible. 800mhz processor so speed wise it is pretty good.

    Bridge makes the devices always connected when they are in range of each other and so far has been quite stable. Playbook slips into my back pocket. Pull it out and you already have 3g service.

    The app ecosystem is pretty slim. But solid hardware, solid experience, and a deal in my opinion like no other.

  • JayR

    I sell phones for one of the big retailers and recently got this phone for myself. Gotta say, it’s probably the best bang for your buck in a blackberry! It’s surprisingly fast even with all my apps/emails/texts/calenders loaded in to it. The browser still has a lot to be desired but is a huge upgrade even from my 9800!

    And to all those who insist on saying BB is a waste of a persons time, just remember that a BB isn’t for everyone. If you just want games and a flashy screen, don’t get a BB. BB is for work. It’s a tool, not a toy.