Videotron to launch the Nokia Lumia 710

Ian Hardy

May 16, 2012 9:00pm

Well the recently launched HTC Radar won’t be their only Windows Phone powered device. They too will make the uber affordable Nokia Lumia 710 available. This device was once a Rogers exclusive and eventually made its way to Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. There’s no word yet on the launch date, nor the pricing, but you can expect it to be priced between the $250 and $300 outright.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • NienorGT

    Finally! Unlike cheap Android phones (as the one they released today) this phone offer the same user experience as the top end phones.

  • Wp74Life

    The best OS on one of the worst provider.
    Anywaym NienorGT is right about this, too bad andro-tard doesn’t realize that.

  • aregularonhofo

    Fully agree, the Nokia Lumia 710 is an excellent phone and the new OS is brilliant considering how little it has been out on the market…regular updates is what you need and Android just doesn’t cut it in this department for all phones. The Nokia also is not a memory/battery hog like many and I can just imagine how good these phones will be in the future with more sophisticated hardware including better cameras. If you want to spend your whole life rooting/modding/showing off your phone to girls who don’t give a crap go ahead, yet if you want a good unit that actually works with little modifications and enjoy using it Windows is the way to go…no problems with both my phones and love the reception/call quality on Wind. Depending on the phone some Androids are just not worth the money and this little fella works better than a lot of more expensive phones. Eventually for business it will beat out Blackberries since Windows is common knowledge to the majority and the simplicity is a valuable asset.

  • Alexandre

    This phone will be compatible with Windows Phone 8 ???

    • MaxZombie

      For sure…

  • PF

    Arghhh…when is Bell getting a Windows phone?!? *sigh*

  • TheCyberKnight

    Wow. Let’s talk about “confidential” information 🙂

    This is good news. More choices on Videotron is nothing bad for the consumer.

  • MaxZombie

    I’ve tried the phone and he is really good for the price. A real smartphone with a 1.4 Ghz processor and windows 7.5 (upgradable to 8) it will be a succes for Videotron. We will have new phones in a near future…. Like the Galaxy SIII (International version). And our network is always expending…

  • Mobi

    Mobilicity added 1609 new activation yesterday with their 50 % off plans. 45 % of those customers selected $25 plan which means they only pay $12.50 a month. VERY LOW ARPU for company to survive. This puts mobilicity now at 214k customers only. Their target for 4 days promo with 50% off is 5000 customers.