Google restores Nest speaker feature following overturned Sonos ruling

Google had removed the ability to add its smart home devices to multiple speaker groups at the same time

Google is wasting no time bringing back features to its Nest speakers after a California federal judge tossed a ruling against the search giant in the ongoing legal battle with smart speaker maker Sonos.

Earlier this week, the judge threw out a ruling that would have seen Google owe Sonos $32.5 million USD (roughly $44.2 million CAD) for violating multi-room smart speaker patents. Google also stripped a feature from its smart home devices that violated the patents. The feature allowed people to add devices to multiple speaker groups at the same time.

Now, the company is adding those features back in response to the overturned ruling. Per a post on the Google Nest Community forum, Google will bring back the ability to add smart home devices to multiple speaker groups again. The company says users will stop receiving an error when trying to add devices to additional groups.

The update is rolling out “immediately” and should be live now in the Google Home app for Android. The change is “coming soon” to iOS.

Of course, the legal battle between Google and Sonos is far from over. Sonos, unsurprisingly, is moving to appeal the new ruling. Depending on how the rest of the case goes, it’s possible we could see the speaker groups feature vanish again, so Nest speaker owners should enjoy it while they can.

Source: Google Via: Android Police