LG’s new evo M3 TV series supports wireless 4K 120Hz

The cordless TV dream is becoming a reality

LG TV M3 wireless

LG Canada calls its M-Series lineup the “first wireless OLED TVs.”

Now, it has launched the latest installment: the LG OLED evo M3 Series. These M3 TVs take the technology one step further by wirelessly delivering 4K resolution at 120Hz. We first heard about the technology back in January.

The M-Series TVs aren’t truly wireless, because you need to get power in the devices somehow, and we can all barely remember to charge our phone every night, let alone charge a battery in our TV. What LG means when it calls the M-Series wireless is that the actual TV only requires one wire: the power supply.

All the other wires you’d usually plug into a TV are, instead, attached to a ‘Zero Connect Box.’ Then, the Zero Connect Box and the TV connect wirelessly. The Box needs to be within range — 10 metres, for the M3 TV — but that gives you a lot of space to play with. If it’s in the same room as your TV, it can probably connect.

We can all think of a time when we had to shuffle our TV away from the wall or bend over and around it to adjust the HDMI cables or unplug the power. The Zero Connect Box makes the process a lot easier. It also makes cable management simpler by giving you more options about what to plug in and where.

Knowing that it’s all transmitted to the TV wirelessly, it’s amazing to think that Zero Connect Box can handle 4K 120Hz video and audio transmission. LG says it only has a 0.1 millisecond response rate, which, if true, would make it competitive with high-end gaming TVs.

LG noted several other key features for hardcore gamers, including NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium and variable refresh rate support.

Like many gamers, I have that one friend who will never switch to a wireless mouse because there might be just one-too-many milliseconds of input lag. Those people might never embrace the Zero Connect technology. At least, for the rest of us, it’s a convenient new cable management solution for a 4K TV.

The M3 models are available now through Best Buy or LG Canada directly in 77-inch ($7,999.99) and 83-inch ($9,999.99) screen sizes.

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Image credit: LG