Spotify’s new Jam feature makes partying with your friends even better

The AI will suggest songs and artists that you and all your friends have in common

Spotify’s new Jam feature lets your group of friends build a cool playlist together when you’re hanging out listening to music. The feature uses Spotify’s personalization technology to improve the experience, compared to the music streaming platform’s collaboration playlist features.

What’s cool about Jam is that everyone connected to the Jam will see songs people have in common. This means you’ll see if you have a lot of Swifties in your home or if your friends are just as emo as you are.

You start a Jam by tapping the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen or the three-dot menu at the top and selecting ‘Start a Jam.’ Only premium users can start a Jam session; however, any Spotify user can join a Jam.

You can then select a device to play on your phone or speaker.  Then, anyone who’s connected to your WiFi will be promoted to join Jam when they open the Spotify app. If they don’t get the prompt, you can invite them by turning your Bluetooth on and tapping the devices together. You can also share a QR code or share a link through texting.

The host can determine who’s in the Jam, change the order of the tracks or remove songs that don’t fit the vibe. There are also Guest Controls that can allow everyone to control the session, but I’d never turn that on; I’m too much of a DJ.

Spotify is available on Android and iOS. Spotify Premium costs $10.99 per month, and the first month is free.