Android 14 QPR1 could finally allow for full-screen orientation on apps

The feature is currently being tested in the first beta for Android 14 QPR1

Android 14 QPR1 is testing a feature that would allow users to override the operating system aspect ratio restrictions, meaning frustrating half-screen viewing could soon be a thing of the past.

The feature is being toyed with in the first beta for the upcoming OS Android 14 QPR1 and could allow users to opt for a different in-app orientation, rather than the traditional letterbox view. Apps like Instagram and Reddit, for example, suffer immensely when forced into a half-screen format.

On devices such as the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold, the change can be accessed by finding the ‘Aspect ratio’ section in settings, then opening the desired apps info page and selecting “aspect ratio” under “advanced.”

From there, users can adjust aspect ratios per app rather than for everything at once. A group of suggested apps is also shown based on which might benefit from a change, which is a nice touch.

Below are the available aspect ratios for each app:

  • App default
  • Fullscreen
  • Half screen
  • Device aspect ratio
  • 16:9
  • 4:3
  • 3:2

For devices such as the Pixel Fold which can be used when collapsed, a change in aspect ratio can dramatically increase the amount of content that can be displayed on screen.  Unfortunately, some of the downsides include distorted and stretched images when the device switches to a fullscreen view.

Some minor bugs in a beta version can be expected, but the fact that Google is putting the power back into user’s hands regarding how they want to view certain apps is a promising sign. It’s rumoured that Android 14 QPR1’s aspect ratio setting will not be a Pixel exclusive, but it likely will not appear on other Android 15 devices.

Via: Android Authority