YouTube Music brings permanent Miniplayer, swipe controls to iPhone with new update

The new changes will be available in version 6.20 of YouTube Music for iPhone and iPad

Just as it did with Android in June, YouTube Music is updating its app for iPhone to feature a permanent Miniplayer with AirPlay and swipe controls.

The changes have started to appear in the app as of September 21st through a server-side update with ‘version 6.20’ of YouTube Music.

This update marks the end of the “next song” option within the app, with YouTube Music opting for AirPlay (and Cast) in the Miniplayer instead. Users are now greeted by the same menu that used to appear at the top of the screen, which now only features an avatar and a search function, making it look more tidy.

Additionally, users now have the ability to swipe on the screen to change their current track, with right indicating next and left bringing back the previous song. A feature that’s often taken for granted in other music apps such as Spotify should drastically improve speed and convenience when selecting songs.

Unfortunately, the swipe controls do not apply to the Miniplayer, as swiping down will no longer clear the queue. Instead, users can venture to the “Now Playing” tab, go to the overflow menu, and tap “Dismiss queue” at the top.

Earlier this year, YouTube Music rolled out a new library redesign, which also looked to improve the navigation and overall simplicity of the app.

Via: 9to5Google