Qualcomm unveils 10G Fiber Gateway with Wi-Fi 7

Qualcomm also detailed tech that will help the gateway adapt to people's online activity

Qualcomm unveiled its new ’10G Fiber Gateway Platform’ to usher in a “new era of home connectivity.” Highlights of the new platform include multi-gigabit Wi-Fi 7 and ‘Qualcomm Service Defined’ Wi-Fi technology.

According to Qualcomm, its ‘Service Defined’ technology will offer a “unified data flow management architecture.” In real, human words, the platform can adapt to user activities, like gaming, streaming, or video conferencing. According to a press release shared by Qualcomm, the company believes the platform will help utilize newly deployed fibre optic cable and new technology like Wi-Fi 7 to offer greatly improved home connectivity.

There’s also a focus on giving service providers tools to improve performance. For example, Qualcomm says that current systems manage network access to the home and Wi-Fi within the home separately, reducing the quality of service across the network. But with Service Defined, Qualcomm says it can give service providers “unprecedented orchestration and insights” that can improve the experience for subscribers. Qualcomm says it will enable service providers to offer differentiated services optimized for various uses, such as gaming or work-from-home.

Beyond Service Defined, Qualcomm says the 10G Fiber Gateway will enable 10Gbps “to and through the home” thanks to 10G Passive Optical Network (PON) tech and multi-gigabit Wi-Fi 7.

Qualcomm says the 10G Fiber Gateway and Service Defined Wi-Fi are scheduled to be commercially available by summer 2024. You can learn more here.

Header image credit: Qualcomm