Google Photos looks to make it easier to share images with your partner

The rumoured change comes along with two other possible additions to the app

After support was recently launched on Google Photos for Ultra HDR images, it appears the company is looking to add even more features to make the app easier for both users and their partners.

It was discovered by AssembleDebug that three new features may be making their way to Google Photos in the future. The first would see an easier way to share albums with your partner, barring those in a locked folder. The change would allow users to add their partner to new or existing albums by tapping a chip with their name beside the Share option.

Although it’s possible already to share albums with certain people, the feature would reduce the change down to a simple click. It’s reported that the partner-sharing shortcut will only display your partner’s name and that sharing with additional people via the shortcut will not be available.

The other two features speculated to make their way to the app are auto-archiving albums and setting reminders. Both of these are said to be for Google One subscribers only. Although this hasn’t been confirmed yet, a string found by AssembleDebug states “As a Google One member, you can unlock reminders, auto-archive, and more.”

The setting reminders feature would most likely operate the same way as many other reminder functions with an emphasis on photos.

This is still all hearsay, as Google Photos does not currently support calendar permissions, but who’s to say that a change couldn’t come with a new update?

For now, there is no official word when these suspected changes will be implemented.

Source: The SP Android Via: Android Police