Google Photos on the web gains new editing tools

The tools are only available for Google One subscribers

Google Photos

Google is bringing several editing tools available in its Photos app on mobile to the web version. Tools include blur, portrait light and more.

In a post on the Photos Help forum, Google outlined the new features, noting they will be available to Google One subscribers “on devices with 4GB RAM and an updated browser.” Google didn’t specify what counts as an “updated browser,” but chances are it means a recent version of Google Chrome.

In total, there are five editing tools:

  • Portrait light adjusts the position and brightness of light in portraits of a person.
  • Blur allows you to adjust the background blur.
  • Sky lets you pick several palettes and adjust the colour and contrast of the sky.
  • Colour focus desaturates the background but keep the foreground colour.
  • HDR enhances brightness and contrast across an image.

While it’s a bit of a bummer that you need a Google One subscription to access the features, there’s a good chance you’ll already have One if you’re a regular Photos user. Google One, if you’re not familiar, is Google’s cloud storage subscription service. In Canada, it costs:

  • 100GB – $27.99/year, $2.79/mo
  • 200GB – $39.99/year, $3.99/mo
  • 2TB – $139.99/year, $13.99/mo
  • 5TB – $359.99/year, $35.99/mo

You can learn more about Google’s new Photos tools here or about Google One here.

Source: Google Via: Android Police