Intel announces Thunderbolt 5, twice as fast as predecessor

Intel expects motherboards and accessories with Thunderbolt 5 to be available in 2024.

Intel officially unveiled Thunderbolt 4 back in 2020 at CES. Three years later, the tech giant has announced its successor, Thunderbolt 5.

Thunderbolt 5 is the latest generation of Thunderbolt technology, which is a high-speed interface that can transfer data, power, and video signals between devices using a USB-C port. According to Intel, the new technology aims to improve connectivity speed and bandwidth benefits for computer users significantly.

“Thunderbolt 5 will provide industry-leading performance and capability for connecting computers to monitors, docks, storage and more. Intel is excited to continue our tradition of leadership for wired connectivity solutions,” said Jason Ziller, general manager of the Client Connectivity Division at Intel. “Thunderbolt is now the mainstream port for connectivity on mobile PCs, and delivering the next generation of performance with Thunderbolt 5 will provide even more capability for the most demanding users.”

Thunderbolt 5 promises to deliver up to 120Gbps of bi-directional bandwidth, which is twice as fast as Thunderbolt 4. Thunderbolt 5 will be compatible with previous versions of Thunderbolt and USB, and will be based on the latest standards of USB4, DisplayPort, and PCIe. Intel expects its motherboards and accessories with Thunderbolt 5 to be available in 2024.

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Image credit: Intel

Source: Intel