Google Store page confirms Pixel Watch 2 needs Android 9 to work

If you're rocking an older version of Android, you'll need to upgrade before using the Pixel Watch 2

Google recently rolled out a new page on its online store confirming the upcoming Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2. While the website didn’t reveal much new information about the phones, there is something to learn about the successor to the Pixel Watch.

As spotted by PhoneArena, the fine print on the webpage notes that the Pixel Watch 2 will require Android 9.0 or later to work. Specifically, it says the watch will work with “most phones” that meet the requirement. That’s a bump up from the first-gen Pixel Watch’s Android 8.0 requirement.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the Pixel Watch 2 will need a newer version of Android, given the watch is expected to launch with Wear OS 4. Moreover, the restriction shouldn’t impact most people considering picking up a Pixel Watch 2.

Beyond that, the fine print notes that the Watch 2 will need a Google Account, the Pixel Watch app, and internet access. No surprises there.

Additionally, the webpage notes some features will require the Fitbit mobile app and potentially a paid subscription. Again, no surprises there.

We’ll likely learn more about the Pixel Watch 2, as well as the Pixel 8 series, at Google’s October 4th event. Of course, we might learn more before then, either from leaks or even Google just revealing stuff early.

Source: PhoneArena