Custom bumper sticker making fun of Elon Musk defends Tesla purchase

A viral bumper sticker says what many Tesla owners are currently thinking

A Tesla bumper sticker has begun to go viral this week. Making fun of CEO Elon Musk, the bumper sticker also attempts to defend the owner who purchased the Tesla vehicle.

A picture of the bumper sticker was posted on the ‘me_irl’ subreddit. Plastered on a Model Y, the sticker reads, “I bought this before we knew Elon was crazy.” It quickly garnered a lot of attention online. It has since been shared across a number of subreddits. It’s also created a great debate online regarding Tesla and the support of Musk, who’s been quite controversial. 

Unfortunately, there’s no indication of where the bumper sticker originated from. Online sleuths haven’t been able to find a vendor selling the rather hilarious novelties. 

There was a moment in time when Musk’s online perception was fairly positive. During this era, Tesla built a fairly strong foothold in the marketplace. However, over the last few years, Musk has publicly posted rants, targetting left-leaning politicians. His ownership and decision-making across X (formally Twitter) have also been divisive in the past year.

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Musk finds himself under constant scrutiny for his comments and business practices. Some quickly came to Musk’s defence in the comment sections. However, many of the dunks made on the CEO far outweigh the defenders. “Elon is the reason my next car will be electric. And Elon is the reason it will not be the Tesla,” a quick-witted commenter said.

One user chimed in and argued against putting stock into purchases based on the company’s CEO. “If I made my purchases based on how much I liked the CEO of the company that made it, I would probably have a lot more money and own very little,” they said.

“You guys acting like Elon made these cars and didn’t just finance a bunch of futuristic-sounding things because he has the mental capacity of a child and got lucky with the stock trade,” another poster said.

Tesla has the mindshare of electric vehicles (EVs), especially in Canada. In the second quarter of 2023, the Model Y was the best-selling EV in the country. However, there is a notable downward trend when looking at the company’s overall market share.

It remains to be seen whether Musk’s “cringe-lord” persona is playing a role in Tesla’s adoption rate. However, there does seem to be some polarizing opinions around the company currently.

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Source: Business Insider