Tesla Model 3 refresh offers a sleeker exterior, upgraded interior and extended range

The refreshed Model 3 is available in select European countries and in China -- there's no indication about when the refreshed EV might arrive in Canada

Tesla has refreshed the 2017-release Tesla Model 3 for the first time.

The refresh includes changes in the vehicle’s exterior and interior, as well as changes under-the-hood.

For starters, the refreshed Model 3 will be available in two new colours: ‘Ultra Red’ and ‘Stealth Gray.’ From the outside, the vehicle looks similar to the current Model 3 but with a sleeker look and narrower headlights.

The vehicle now has acoustic glass on the rear windows, and there is more sound insulation in the car. Additionally, the rear of the car now says “T E S L A,” instead of just the “T” Tesla logo.

On the inside, the changes are more prominent.

The inside of the electric vehicle (EV) now features an ambient LED light strip that runs across the front dashboard, while the materials inside the car generally have been improved to provide a more premium feel. The steering wheel and the center console have also been redesigned, with the latter now featuring two smartphone charging pads.

The main screen on the dashboard is now brighter and more responsive, with slimmer bezels, while the rear seats get their own 8-inch screen, similar to the Model S.

Under the hood, Tesla has improved the vehicle’s suspension by fitting new springs and dampers. “They’ve changed the geometry of the front suspension and changed the way they mount the subframe to the chassis. The tires are also more cushioning,” wrote Merritt.

Additionally, the refreshed model will offer longer range. It is rated at 553km (344 miles) for the standard range RWD version, while the long-range version boasts 677km (421 miles) range.

The refreshed Model 3 is available in select European countries and China. There’s no indication about when the refreshed Model 3 will land in Canada.

A full list of changes to the refreshed Model 3 can be found here.

Image credit: Electrek

Source: Electrek