Koodo offering bonus data add-ons for as little as $1/month

Eligible customers can pick from $1/1GB, $2/10GB, or $3/18GB options


Koodo is offering select customers bonus data add-ons.

As reported by iPhone in Canada, the Telus flanker brand is offering customers the option to add 1GB of data for $1/month, 10GB for $2/month, or 18GB for $3/month.

Koodo is sending the offer through text, which MobileSyrup’s editor-in-chief Patrick O’Rourke also received (you can view it below). Eligible customers can pick one of three replies, depending on what type of add-on they want: ADDONE for 1GB, ADDTEN for the 10GB option, and ADD18 for the 18GB addon.

It’s unclear if customers who didn’t get the text can take advantage of the offer, but it’s probably worth a try to call customer service if interested.

The offer expires on September 6th.

Koodo shared the same offer back in July before the company added 5G options to its list of plans.

Via: iPhone in Canada