Koodo joins the 5G sphere with two plans to choose from

The newly launched 5G plans start at $65/month


Telus has brought 5G plans to Koodo.

There are two options for customers to choose from.

The first costs $65/month for 30GB of 5G data. The second is $75/month for 60GB of 5G data. 5G speeds are up to 250Mbps.

If customers bring their own devices, they can save up to $276 ($11.50/month) in bill credits. With the discount, the plans would cost $53.50/month and $63.50/month, respectively.

Koodo’s 5G plans under the “bring your own phone” option.

The plans match offerings from Virgin Plus. The Bell flanker brand is offering $55/30GB and $65/60GB 5G plan options (discount included).

Freedom Mobile is also offering 5G plans, with plans starting at a considerably lower price tag than its competitors, at $45/month for 30GB.

Koodo isn’t offering unlimited data on its 5G plans and will charge $13/100MB in overages. Customers can also pick one free addon, which includes options like premium voicemail and rollover data. It appears Koodo has removed the ‘speed booster’ add-on, which previously bumped the provider’s 4G plans from 100Mbps to 200Mbps.

Telus previously launched 5G on Public Mobile and at the time stated it had no plans to bring 5G to Koodo — it’s not clear what changed.