I’ll be playing Starfield for free thanks to the Pillsbury Doughboy

You'll need a hearty appetite for Pizza Pops

After crunching the numbers (and a few snacks) it seems like the cheapest way to play Starfield in Canada is by purchasing a four-pack of Pizza Pops.

So far, I’ve bought four boxes, and I’ve won a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate each time. The site’s rules claim there are 3,850 single-month codes to be won, 450 three-month codes, and 40 Xbox Series S consoles.

If you already have a Game Pass subscription, you can use these codes to stack another month or two on top of your existing membership.

While this might not seem like that great of a deal, a box of Pizza Pops is usually around $4.75, and GamePass Ultimate costs $18.99/month. This means you get Game Pass for a third of the price, plus a snack.

It’s a win-win.

That said, this is a contest, so there’s a chance that you could apply and not win.

How to apply + rules

  • Buy a pizza pocket pack
  • Take a picture of the receipt
  • Upload it to the contest website

The Pizza Pops contest is running until September 29th, so there are still lots of chances to win. However, I am expecting the odds to go down once more people find out about the contest.

After buying your Pops, make sure you keep the receipt. You need to submit a photo of it along with some other personal info like your email and address on the contest website to enter. Once you do that, it typically takes a few hours, and you’ll receive an email from General Mills Promotions with a Game Pass code.