Transparency, accountability, could be elements part of Canada’s AI conduct code

The government is seeking input on a voluntary code of conduct for AI systems

The federal government’s voluntary code of conduct for generative AI systems could include elements of safety, oversight, and validity.

The government is currently seeking comments on these elements through a consultation process. Other elements to consider include fairness and equity, transparency, and accountability,

“It is intended that this code will be sufficiently robust to ensure that developers, deployers, and operators of generative AI systems are able to avoid harmful impacts, build trust in their systems, and transition smoothly to compliance with Canada’s forthcoming regulatory regime,” Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada stated in a recently released document.

The consultation process became public knowledge earlier this week after the government accidentally posted details online. ISED says it will include Canada’s Advisory Council on Artificial Intelligence and member of academia, civil society, and research institutes in discussions.

The government will implement the voluntary code before Bill C-27 becomes law. The bill addresses AI through the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA).

Canada is trailing behind the U.S. to create and implement such a code. In July, President Joe Biden announced several voluntary commitments AI companies in the States are taking to aid safety, security, and trust.

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Source: ISED