Ongoing testing makes Rogers’ LTE network available for some underground TTC subway riders

While Rogers has yet to implement a full rollout, some customers have been able to access wireless services while riding Line 1

Some Rogers customers appear to be getting wireless access while using the TTC’s underground subway services.

MobileSyrup’s head of creative, Bradley Bennett, was able to get access while riding the subway Tuesday night between St.Andrew and Dundas stations on Line 1. With four stops in between, Bennett says he had LTE services through Rogers network, which worked 95 percent of his subway ride, and allowed him to scroll Twitter, send texts, and reply to iMessages with little delay.

TTC rider Rahul Bagdai also had some luck, as per a message he shared on social media. He details he had LTE access through Fido on Line 1, going north from Union Station.

Rogers has confirmed it’s testing the network during off hours and when the subway is closed to the public overnight.

According to reporting from the Toronto Star, Rogers customers will have access to cell services in the “downtown U” of Line 1 in the fall. The area includes the route where Bennett and Bagdai were able to access service.

It’s unclear if customers who are part of competing networks will also have access to cellular services.

Rogers announced its acquisition of BAI earlier this year, allowing it to offer customers wireless services while using the TTC’s underground services. The move was met with opposition from Bell and Telus, who argued Rogers’ plans wouldn’t benefit its customers. Rogers stated it’s working with all involved companies. However, progress on the matter is slow-moving, prompting Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne to order a consultation.

Freedom Mobile is the only telecom company that’s offering its customers wireless access on the underground routes, as per an agreement it reached when BAI owned the infrastructure.

Updated Aug 16th, 2023, 3:01pm ET: The article has been updated with a response from Rogers.