Telus’ new streaming service bundles Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and Discovery+

Stream+ is the only bundled streaming service in Canada

Telus has introduced the only streaming bundle in Canada.

Stream+ offers Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and Discovery+ for $25, all on one bill.

A bundled option is something Telus customers have wanted for some time.

A survey commissioned by the company found 87 percent of respondents use at least one streaming service, and 90 percent of respondents would bundle the platforms if they could. 83 percent also believe it would be convenient to have all the services billed together.

Jim Senko, president of mobility solutions, confirmed to MobileSyrup the bundle only has one price tier.

Stream+ offers over 20 percent in savings per month ($84 a year), compared to paying for each service separately.

The monthly cost for Netflix Premium alone is $20.99. Apple TV+ costs $5.99, and Discovery+ runs a price tag of $4.99 a month.

Customers with subscriptions to these platforms can transfer their billing to Telus. Doing so won’t change their preferences, history or user profile.

“Once their Stream+ account is activated, customers are redirected to the different platforms’ landing pages where they can enter their existing user ID to continue watching,” Senko said.

Customers who don’t subscribe to one or more streaming services can create accounts after signing up for Stream+.

The service is available to new and current Telus customers. Combined with one of Telus’ plans, it will allow customers to access the service at all times in 5G. Users can watch from multiple devices at one time.

“This is important for busy households where everyone has a different favourite show, and means everyone can stream what they want and at the same time,” Senko said.

Update 19/04/2022 9:19am ET: The article has been updated to reflect the bundle offers over 20 percent in savings.

Source: Telus