How to make Stickers with the iPhone or iPad

The first step is updating to iOS 17

Apple noticed that people loved using the AI-powered photo selection tool in iOS 16, so in the iOS 17 update, the company is expanding on how those selections can look with Sticker effects.

You can also easily access your stickers from the keyboard to paste them into any chat to add a bit of personality.

We expect the full version of iOS 17 to release in the fall of 2023, so for now, the only way to access them is to enrol your iPhone or iPad in the newest beta.

Once you have the software, open up the iOS Photos app and pick an image. Once you’ve selected one, touch and briefly hold on to the subject of the photo. A menu will appear with a new text option called ‘Add sticker.’ Choose this, and the selection will be added to your Apple sticker book.

You can also add subtle sticker effects to your selections to give them a border, holographic shimmer and more. These look pretty cool and react when you move your phone in your hand to reflect light like a real sticker would.