This Chrome Extension lets you keep the old Twitter logo

"Long live the bird."

Twitter logo graphic

Twitter as we’ve come come to know it is dead.

Last weekend, Elon Musk and Twitter decided that the platform needs a revamp, and subsequently, it was adorned with a new logo and name.

The platform is now called ‘X,’ and instead of the Blue bird logo, it now features a minimalistic X as the logo.

However, users who are unhappy with the new branding and want to use ‘Twitter’ instead of ‘X’ can use a Chrome extension that replaces the X branding with the original Twitter bird.

As shared by Mashable, software developer Cygaar has developed the Chrome extension and has also shared a link to the extension on Github, where users can download and install it in their browsers.

“This was made purely for fun, I probably won’t maintain this longterm unless there is significant demand,” wrote Cygaar in a follow-up tweet. So if you want to preserve some nostalgia and familiarity with the old Twitter logo for a little bit longer, act fast.

In other X-related news, the platform will soon get rid of the Dim Mode and make the Dark Mode the default setting. Additionally, its ad-revenue sharing program is now available globally.

Header image credit: Shutterstock

Source: @0xCygaar, Via: Mashable