ChatGPT’s new feature cuts out a tedious aspect

The update will remember who users are and what type of answers they require

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ChatGPT’s new update will now remember a user every time they engage with the chatbot.

Through its “custom instructions” feature, users can tell the chatbot details it should remember and how it should answer questions, The Verge reports.

Canadians subscribed to ChatGPT Plus can opt-in to try the feature, which is currently in beta. The Verge reports users in the UK and EU will have to wait to access the new tool

“Part of the reason we’re launching this in beta… is because we want the model to learn exactly how and when to apply these guidelines,” Joanne Jang, an OpenAI employee who works on model behaviours and products, told the publication.

AI chatbots currently don’t have the ability to remember a user’s activity, resetting every time a conversation ends.

Jang said the feature could be helpful for people in various industries. For example, a teacher can specify what grade they teach, making the chatbot tailor its answers to a specific age group every time.

The idea, Jang continued, is to make it easier for ChatGPT to recognize its user, making it a much more helpful assistant.

Via: The Verge