An original iPhone sold for more than $190,000 at auction

The 4GB device was still in its original packaging

A factory-sealed original iPhone has sold for more than 19 times its listed price at auction.

The 4GB device went up for auction late last month for $10,000 USD (roughly $13,000 CAD). It recently sold for $190,372.80 USD (about $251,00 CAD).

The transaction follows a wave of similar sales of original factory-sealed iPhones. Back in October, an 8GB version sold for $39,339 USD (roughly $53,913 CAD).

The reason why the 4GB version sold for so much more than the 8GB version is because of the rarity of the device. Apple offered both the 4GB and 8GB versions back in 2007, but it soon discounted the former because the $100 price difference between the two options saw more people opt for the 8GB version.

Image credit: LCG Auctions

Source: LCG Auctions Via: Gizmodo