Bell served as the fastest mobile and fixed broadband provider in Q2, 2023: Ookla

Rogers offered the fastest mobile upload speeds, the company found

Bell has once again been crowned the fastest mobile and fixed broadband provider by Ookla.

The company’s Speedtest Intelligence analysis for Canada shows Bell offered a media download speed on mobile of 116.59Mbps in the second quarter of 2023. Telus offered the second fastest, with 96.16Mbps, much lower than the 102.47Mbps it had in the first quarter. Rogers offered the third fastest speed at 93.85Mbps.

However, when it comes to upload speeds, Rogers was the fastest at 13.29 Mbps. Bell offered the second fastest speeds at 11.32Mbps and Telus third with 9.71Mbps.

Rogers also offered the highest consistent quality of service, which measures the number of samples that meet the threshold for download and upload speeds. For overall mobile use, Ookla rates consistency as 5Mbps minimum download speed and 1Mbps minimum upload speed. Rogers scored 84.7 percent. However, Bell and Telus weren’t far behind, with scores of 83.7 percent and 83.4 percent, respectively.

Image credit: Ookla

Bell also took first place with its 5G performance. The analysis found Bell had the fastest 5G download speeds among national providers, with 208.05Mbps. Rogers offered the second best, with 154.55Mbps. Telus offered the slowest speeds out of the big three, with 149.29Mbps.

Fixed broadband

Like with mobile, Bell was also the fastest fixed broadband provider in the second quarter of this year. The analysis shows Bell pure fibre had a median download speed of 277.24Mbps. Rogers followed with 273.32Mbps and Shaw with 243.11Mbps.

Bell also recorded the fastest upload speed, with a median of 235.27Mbps. Telus PureFibre was a distant second with 189.30Mbps. Shaw had the third fastest speed, at 77.96Mbps.

The playing field levels when it comes to consistency. The analysis shows there’s no statistical winner in the category. For fixed broadband, Ookla measures consistency as 25 Mbps minimum download speed and 3 Mbps minimum upload speed. Bell has a consistency score of 93.6 percent, Telus 93.1 percent, and Rogers 90.7 percent.

Device information

Looking at some of the fastest smartphones in Canada, Ookla found there was no statistical winner. However, four of the five devices on the list have been manufactured by Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, along with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, all appear on the list. The only other device in the top five is Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The same results apply when examining manufacturers Apple, Google, and Samsung. “We examined combined performance by major cell phone manufacturers and found that there was no statistical winner in Canada during Q2 2023,” the analysis states.

Image credit: Ookla

The story changes when examining chips. The Snapdragon X65 5G offered the fastest median download speeds this quarter at 148.52Mbps. All of the chips on the top five list Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset.

Source: Ookla