Koodo raises 40GB plan price from $60 to $62, adds new bill credit

The bill credit makes the plan slightly cheaper than before, but only if you bring your own phone

Koodo logo on a smartphone.

Telus flanker brand Koodo changed up its 40GB plan over the last few days, first dropping a promotional bill credit, then slightly raising the cost of the plan before adding a new bill credit that makes the plan ever so slightly cheaper than it was before.

For a few weeks, Koodo’s $60/40GB plan was available with a roughly $270 bill credit, though the bill credit fluctuated occasionally. For example, when MobileSyrup covered the promotion on June 28th, the bill credit was $271.20, which worked out to $11.30 credit each month for 24 months. Per MobileSyrup’s ongoing tracking of the Koodo website, the credit fell to $268.80 by July 10th, or $11.20/mo over 24 months.

Koodo’s $62/mo 40GB plan as of July 13th, 2023.

However, on July 11th, Koodo dropped the promotional bill credit. At the time, the plan still cost $60/mo, however, for about a day. As of July 12th, the 40GB plan’s price jumped up to $62/mo. At the same time, it gained a $325.44 promotional bill credit, or $13.56/mo, leaving customers with a price of $48.44/mo.

While the promotional price is slightly lower now, it’s worth noting that the bill credit is only available for customers who bring their own phone. Frustratingly, customers who want to get a phone through Koodo will need to pick either the $62/40GB plan (with no bill credit) or the $35/mo talk and text plan, which is only available on the ‘Tab Basic’ option. Plus, the BYOP customers who do get the credit will still be stuck with the higher-priced plan once the promotion ends, unless they switch plans (which they should definitely do).

You can check out Koodo’s plans here.