Canada has room to improve on 5G availability on global scale, analysis shows

In North America, Canada's 5G availability isn't the worst

5G access first came to Canada three years ago. But the network is only available to Canadians about 10 percent of the time.

According to Opensignal’s Global 5G experience report for June 2023, Canada sits in the middle of its North American counterparts. In Mexico, residents only had 5G access 7.5 percent of the time. While in the U.S., it was available 31 percent of the time, according to data Opensignal collected between March 1st and May 29th, 2023.

The average 5G download speed in Canada for June was 144Mbps. While Canada trailed behind the fastest country, South Korea and its average 432Mbps speed, it did have a higher speed than the U.S. with 138Mbps. Mexico recorded an average 5G download speed of 188.5Mbps.

“The 5G experience continues to evolve. More markets are launching 5G. More spectrum is becoming available, and that additional spectrum is boosting capacity and improving users’ experience with faster speeds and a better video and gaming experience,” Opensignal analyst Ian Fogg wrote.

Canada also ranked well in the 5G video and games experiences categories. In the video experience category, Canada had a score of 75.5. The U.S. had 66, and Mexico had 69.3.

Looking at the game experience, Canada pulled a score of 83.4. “The highest rated market from the Americas is Canada with a score of 83.4.”

In comparison, the U.S. had a score of 76.5 and Mexico 75.4.

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Source: Opensignal