Super rare $2 million ‘One Ring’ Magic card found in Whitby, Ontario

One of the rarest Magic: The Gathering cards has been pulled and graded

The Magic: The Gathering (MTG) ‘One Ring’ card has been pulled. A Whitby, Ontario resident has reportedly found this heavily sought-after card. 

The owner currently remains anonymous, though we do know a Maximum Cards customer pulled the card. The retailer later revealed the card was not pulled while in the store.

“It was taken, he acquired legal representation, who then had it taken down to PSA and had to grade it in person,” a Maximum Card representative told Dextero.

The card was later graded by PSA, the world’s largest and most trusted grading service. The card has been graded with Mint 9, meaning it’s in excellent condition with few imperfections. The highest rating a card can receive is GEM-MT10. With this in mind, the One Ring card will likely have a lot of bidders.

The One Ring is a unique card introduced in The Lord of the Rings set for MTG. Before its discovery, collectors reportedly paid as high as $2 million USD (around $2.6 million CAD) for the card. The One Ring card would be the most expensive MTG card ever sold if it sells for this amount. Aside from The One Ring, MTG’s Black Lotus has been auctioned for upwards of $500,000 USD (roughly $662,000 CAD). 

With the discovery of the One Ring card, it’s likely that the value of Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth Collector Booster packs will decrease. However, even though the rarest card is no longer out there, many other limited edition MTG cards are still yet to be found.

Image credit: Magic: The Gathering

Via: The Gamer