Bell to offer newcomers telecom bonuses through Institute for Canadian Citizenship partnership

The deals will be available through Canoo, an app that gives newcomers free access to cultural experiences

Bell has partnered with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) to give newcomers special telecom offers.

The deals will be available on the Canoo app, which serves as Canada’s largest newcomer community.

Canoo members in Ontario, Québec, Atlantic Canada and Manitoba that subscribe to an eligible home internet plan will receive a prepaid Visa card worth $100.

New mobility subscribers might also be able to get upwards of a $30 monthly credit for two years, along with 1,000 free long-distance minutes, if they activate an ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Essential’ plan.

Canoo members can only redeem the deal in-store and will have to bring their own devices.

Bell hasn’t specified when the offers will be available, only stating it will be “soon.”