DoorDash introduces ‘Earn by Time’ option in select cities

The new hourly rate model will sit alongside the existing per-delivery option

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Popular food delivery service DoorDash is introducing a new payment model option for its couriers or “Dashers.” This new guaranteed hourly rate option is dubbed Earn by Time, and it’s launching in select cities across the US and Canada.

“From the moment they accept an offer until it’s completed, Dashers will earn a guaranteed hourly minimum rate plus 100% of tips on top,” the company says.

DoorDash goes on to clarify that its existing earnings model, Earn by Offer, will remain available for those who prefer it.

Assuming the new payment model takes off, it’s not a stretch to imagine competitors like Uber introducing a similar option within their own apps.

A full overview of the Earn by Time option is available on the DoorDash website, alongside a “frequently asked questions” section.

As for which North American cities will be the first to benefit from the enhanced flexibility, the company has yet to reveal a concrete list.

DoorDash also announced a number of other quality-of-life updates coming to its app in a future release. These include universal search, a tweaked interface, new SNAP and EBT online payment options, enhanced location sharing, and post-checkout tipping.

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Source: DoorDash