Toronto-based Nanoleaf’s new 4D kit can replicate the colours on your screen

Nanoleaf unveiled 4D and other new products at its 'Live' event

Toronto-based Nanoleaf hosted its Nanoleaf Live 2023 event on June 27th, where it unveiled two new smart lighting products and integration with gaming software.

First up, the company revealed Nanoleaf 4D, a screen mirror and light strip kit that captures the colours on your screen in real-time via a camera and extends the colours out to LED light strip.

Nanoleaf says this helps create a “true 4D effect” for content like games, TV shows and movies. Moreover, the lighting product offer four ‘Mirror Modes’ for different levels of immersion, and users can combine them with Nanoleaf’s existing Rhythm Music Sync to have the light strips match both the screen’s colours and react to soundtracks or sound effects.

Nanoleaf 4D camera

Nanoleaf 4D can be cut to fit any TV up to 85 inches in size and the camera can be positioned at the top or bottom of the screen. The company says it never saves, stores or records anything from the camera and it includes a magnetic privacy cover for additional peace of mind.

Alongside the Nanoleaf 4D announcement, the company also expanded its Ultra Black Shapes line with new Hexagons panels. The Hexagons panels can also be connected with Nanoleaf’s existing Triangles Shapes panels, and they can work with Nanoleaf 4D via the company’s Sync+ tech.

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes Hexagons

Finally, Nanoleaf announced its products can now integrate with Overwolf, a software platform for capturing in-game events and actions. Overwolf can sync with Nanoleaf devices to create real-time reactions that match a game’s aesthetic and colour palette, as well as gamers’ play styles.

Moreover, Nanoleaf says that its 4D and ultra Black Hexagons are compatible with all major smart home platforms, IFTTT and Razer Chroma, and both products will receive over-the-air updates later this year to add Matter support.

Nanoleaf 4D comes in 65- and 85-inch kit sizes for $129.99 and $149.99, respectively. Customers can purchase the camera only for $99.99. The Ultra Black Shapes Hexagons start at $279.99.

The products are available for pre-order now on Nanoleaf’s online store and will ship in early September, according to Nanoleaf’s website.

Images credit: Nanoleaf