Canadians know little about Canada’s booming tech sector: study

Some Canadians also believe the sector brings more problems than solutions

If you’ve ever felt confused about what the term “tech sector” means, you’re not alone.

According to a recent study from Earnscliffe, 52 percent of Canadians have little, if any, knowledge of what the term means.

“The gap is particularly noteworthy as Canadian tech holds the promise of diversifying Canada’s economy,” the study notes.

Earncliffe survey results come from 1,532 individuals from across Canada. The online survey was conducted between June 8th and 11th.

The research further found that 17 percent of Canadians feel the tech sector offers more problems than solutions. The reaction likely has to do with several factors, such as AI’s impact on society and constant layoffs, the study notes. Meta and Google are part of a growing list of tech companies to lay off employees in recent months.

Acquisitions also play a role. Only 18 percent of Canadians see mergers as a good thing for Canada, while 53 percent see it as a “loss.”

But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The study notes 72 percent of Canadians want to see Canada’s tech sector grow over the next decade.

“This outlook indicates that by improving public communication and engagement, there’s potential to amplify Canadians’ support for the industry.”

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Earnscliffe