Tests from AST SpaceMobile brings standard phones 4G speeds through space

The company's testing brought devices 10Mbps download speeds

AST SpaceMobile says its engineers have recorded multiple successful tests that brought standard phones download speeds of 10Mbps through space.

The company conducted multiple tests in Hawaii in June through “multiple everyday, off-the-shelf smartphones.” Engineers used its BlueWalker 3 satellite, AT&T spectrum and Nokia RAN technology to achieve 4G speeds.

Abel Avellan, the CEO of AST SpaceMobile, said the company’s work not only supports voice and text services but also allows for internet browsing, file downloads, and video streaming.

“Achieving this milestone from an unmodified, standard cell phone on the ground connecting through our low Earth orbit satellite is another groundbreaking moment in telecommunications history and an important step toward AST SpaceMobile’s goal of bringing broadband services to parts of the world where cellular coverage is either unreliable or simply does not exist today,” Avellan said.

The news follows another successful test from the company back in April that saw the first-ever space-based voice call through everyday smartphones.

The company’s next testing steps involve using the BlueWalker 3 to enable 5G cellular broadband.

Image credit: @nicooben/AST SpaceMobile 

Source: AST SpaceMobile