Tesla has a special mode for Elon Musk that lets him drive hands-free without ‘nagging’

The feature is aptly named 'Elon Mode'

A software hacker has reportedly uncovered a secret Tesla mode reserved for only the company’s CEO, Elon Musk.

“Elon Mode,” as shared by @greentheonly on Twitter, allows for hands-free driving in Tesla vehicles.

Each Tesla has a driver monitoring system known as ‘nag,’ which prompts the driver to apply resistance and pressure on the steering wheel when the vehicle detects that the driver hasn’t grabbed the steering wheel in a while. The feature helps make sure that the driver is attentive and hasn’t dozed off. Some models also have a camera placed above the rearview mirror to monitor drivers and make sure they’re paying attention.

‘Elon Mode’ essentially bypasses the ‘nag’ and camera monitoring features. @greentheonly posted footage of him driving his Tesla with ‘Elon Mode’ turned on.

@greentheonly drove the car for roughly 600 miles (965 km), and the ‘nag’ or camera monitoring features did not prompt even once. The hacker also mentions that the car drove slowly and made random lane changes. He also says that construction barrels confused the vehicle, and it dropped its speed.

Back in December 2022, in a tweet reply, Musk said that nag-less driving would come to Teslas in a future update, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: @greentheonly Via: The Verge