Chatr, Lucky Mobile, offering matching 4GB bonus data deals

Both providers will end their respective deals on June 12th

Chatr and Lucky Mobile are offering new customers 4GB of monthly bonus data.

Both deals apply to new activations, require automatic payments, and apply to 3G and 4G plans starting at $35/month.

Lucky Mobile further requires customers to purchase a $10 SIM card and activate it by July 9th to redeem the offer. The Bell-owned brand will apply 2GB of the bonus data automatically, while the other 2GB will come after it successfully charges accounts through automatic payment.

Chatr’s rules are a little more rigid, requiring customers to have auto-pay enrolled each month in order to access the 4GB bonus. The company also requires users to purchase a $10 SIM card.

The bonus data at both providers lasts for 12 months and ends on June 12th.

More information on Chatr’s deal is available here, and Lucky Mobile’s here.